2020 Vibes


Hayley Johnson, Staff Writer

The new year is here, and everyone at the academy is rearing up for what they hope to be a fantastic new semester. Although 2020 has already proven itself to be the beginning of an eventful year, it’s difficult to say for sure what the rest of the year — and even the rest of the semester — will hold. For now, we can only speculate: What vibes are we getting from 2020?

Ringing in the New Year with Rosary and Servite friends. Photo by Allison Perea ’20.

Already, things are picking up at Rosary among Royal athletes, Red and Gold captains, thespians, and scholars alike. Grace Horeczko ‘22, talented actress and one of this year’s choral captains, shares, “I’m getting the feeling that I’m starting fresh with a clean slate and I’m really feeling hopeful and grateful to embark on a new journey.” Similarly, senior Juliana Maldonado told the Royal Reporter about her hopes for this year, “A lot of changes are going to come with this year, especially when it comes to college,” she shared, “and though I’m scared, I’m much more excited for what’s to come.”

But what exactly can we look forward to this semester? In only the next few months, Rosary Academy will be holding its 50th Red and Gold; Tri-School will be putting on its production of The Fantasticks; our sports teams will continue to kill it on and off campus; the class of 2020 will be graduating in May. And if that isn’t exciting enough, a glance at a holiday calendar might just liven your spirits.

A list of 2020 holidays. Photo by Allison Perea ’20.

 The Royal Reporter is ecstatic to learn what 2020 will really have in store. Keep your eyes peeled for many more fantastic new stories, and have a Happy New Year.