Kicking Off Kickoff

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

It’s time.

Behind the scenes, Red and Gold season has officially commenced. Captains are working around the clock to make sure everything is ready for kickoff on January 31st. Are You ready for Red and Gold: script captains writing, dance captains choreographing, choral captains harmonizing, pub captains painting, and producers prepping.

Kickoff last year featuring alumnae Caitlin Shank, class of 2019. Photo by Shannon Hawkins

When asked her favorite part about Red and Gold so far, junior Marysol Cazarez, Co-Producer, enthusiastically replied: “Watching the show progress from a couple ideas on a white board to and entire show that I’m able to be a part of, and becoming friends with girls who I may have not met if it weren’t for Red and Gold.”

Marysol pictured at the Red and Gold captains meeting. Photo by @rosaryroyals

Senior Megan Kendall, drama captain, expressed, “being a Red and Gold captain feels like I’m going to Disneyland every single day,” and that going to Rosary was the best decision she’s ever made in her life. Megan Kendall enjoys being a captain just as much as the next Royal. “I’m glad I can still be a captain even though I had brain surgery. Everyone is so nice and everyone’s ideas are heard equally,” Megan conveyed to the Royal Reporter. Congrats Megan.

Megan Kendall perfecting her 20/20 vision to see her show progress. Photo by Megan Kendall

Many first time captains are excited for this new chapter of their lives as well. Sophomore Daly Holman, fashion captain, conveyed how excited she is “to make new upperclasswomen friends without having to be scared of them.” Sophomore Elizabeth Walloch, fashion captain, agreed: “I was so scared of my producer until she forced me to drive to get paint with her. After ten minutes I realized she’s super goofy and there was no reason to be scared of her.” A classic story of the beginnings of friendship.

The Royal Reporter asked junior Tara Fishman, Co-Producer, her biggest stressors, now and in the coming months: Tara shared, “I’m most stressed for our finale because it’s always been my favorite part of Red and Gold so I want it to be absolutely amazing.”

Kickoff is only days away for the 50th anniversary of Red and Gold. Friendships forming and memories made, the spirit of the most treasured tradition at Rosary Academy is in the works thanks to our dedicated and excited captains.