Christmas Breaking in the New Year


Kate Noden with a real life reindeer in Sweden. Photo by Paula Noden

Grace Battaglia, Editor-in-chief

On Thursday, December 19, our hardworking Royals finished up their last final and embarked on a two week long Christmas break.

Freshman Sarah Mitry spent part of her break at a high school church camp. She got to grow in her relationship with Christ all while bonding with her best friends.

Sarah and her friends having fun at their church retreat. Photo by Sarah Mitry

Junior Tara Fishman was surprised on Christmas morning with an adorable puppy. “When I saw my little puppy for the first time, I was ecstatic,” she stated, “it was the best present I could have found under my tree.”

Tara Fishman welcoming her new puppy Ruby to the family. Photo by Jenna Fishman

Senior Julia Toth was incredibly busy with water polo practice. She shared, “We were in the pool everyday but Christmas and New Year’s.”

Rosary water polo team smiling after a long practice. Photo provided by Julia Toth

Tina Enright ‘21 shared, “I mostly spent Christmas break sleeping and spending time with friends and family.” On top of this relaxing break for Tina, she was able to spend a day at the snow with her brother.

Junior Grace Quiros and a group of her friends helped boost their Christmas spirit by having a Christmas sleepover to get them ready for the festive holiday.

Grace and her friends dressed in their Christmas pajamas. Photo by Grace Quiros

Julia Herman ‘22 spent a day at Knott’s Berry Farm going on rides and soaking in the holiday festivities.

Freshman Emma Oskorus went to fashion island with her closest friends. “We shopped, ate food, and just had a blast.”

Emma Oskorus watching the sunset with her friends at Fashion Island. Photo by Julia Oskorus

Ryan Ersek ‘21 spent a family day in San Clemente. They were able to shop and have a beautiful lunch by the water.

Ryan Ersek smiling in San Clemente. Photo by Riley Ersek

Senior Melanie Beltran rang in the new year with her besties. They celebrated with apple cider, handheld fireworks, and 2020 glasses: “We were so excited for the new year. We knew we had to go all out. And we did just that.”

Melanie Beltran ringing in the new year with her best friends. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Whether you spent your break relaxing with family and friends or on a glamorous vacation, be sure to make 2020 the best year yet.