Royal Resolutions for 2020

Celebrating the new 2020 year with fireworks. Photo provided by Max Pixels

Celebrating the new 2020 year with fireworks. Photo provided by Max Pixels

Isabella Tejeda, Staff Editor

2020 is a new year for fresh resolutions. From working out more often, to simply resisting the snooze button, the Royal Reporter asked around campus to discover some of our fellow classmate’s resolutions for this 2020 year.

Fitness is a popular resolution people make with the new year. From going to the gym more, to eating less junk food, it isn’t an easy resolution to keep up. Tatum Larson ‘23 shared with us, “My resolution is to work out more by going to the gym often and running every night. I want to be able to persevere through my sleepiness and see an improvement. I can do this by making a workout plan and sticking to it.”

Tatum Larson ’23 having a positive attitude towards her 2020 resolution. Photo by Mrs. Larson

Another resolution that seemed to be very popular among Rosary students was organization. One student gave us her insight on why she chose this resolution, “I really want to keep myself organized and productive this semester,” says Brooke Bowen ‘21.  “In order to do this, I want to keep a list of what I need to do and make sure to check off everything that I have done throughout the day.” Kicking off the new year with organized habits is a great way to set yourself up for an easier and less stressful year.

Brooke Bowen ’21 and her family smiling for the new year. Photo by Brooke Bowen

Along with working out, this 2020 year’s motto should be “New Year, New You.” Many students chose to fix their self-confidence and self care. Kloey Reyes ‘20 explained, “My New Year’s Resolution is to drink more water to keep myself hydrated. I can make sure to always have a full water bottle and make it a habit.” Hydration also includes many other benefits for the new year from a better attitude to clearer skin. Vanesa Farooq ‘20 exclaimed her growth for this new year by telling the Royal Reporter, “My New Years Resolution is to exude more confidence. I can do this by putting more pep in my step and smiling at everyone I see.”

Kloey Reyes ’20 getting ready to drink five water bottles a day. Photo by Isabella Tejeda

Lastly, a great way to start the new year is with a new outlook on life. Maria Braatz ‘20 shared, “My New Year’s Resolution is to smile more and bake cupcakes every day. I can do this by always flashing my pearly whites at people who pass, and by stocking my pantry with cake mix.” 

2020 is the year of new adventures, new discoveries, and new friendships. Happy New Year Royals.