The English Queen Returns


Ms. Barclay and Serena

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

As you look into room 208, you would probably expect to see the busy Dr. Langdon grading papers or other work. But unfortunately, you don’t see Dr. Langdon; instead, you see the English Queen, Ms. Barclay, sitting on her throne behind her tan desk. After months of maternity leave, the legendary Ms. Barclay finally returned to the Academy. Despite missing the first semester, she decided it was best to return to guide her students to success. The students and faculty of Rosary are beyond ecstatic that Ms. Barclay returned, and this is what they had to say.

Serena Park ’21 is one of Ms. Barclay’s many AP students, and she is very excited that Ms. Barclay returned to finish teaching the AP English Lang class. The previous classes always told Serena about the fascinating times they shared with Ms. Barclay, and Serena could not wait to experience this herself. “We’ll finally have her funny personality and wise advice,” she exclaimed. Serena is looking forward to the rest of the semester and hopes to excel in Ms. Barclay’s class.

Baby Clay cheesin for the camera. Photo by Ms. Barclay.

Like Serena, Mr. Stegink is extremely happy that Ms. Barclay returned to Rosary. “I think she brings a lot of humor and life to the school,” he shared. According to Mr. Stegink, Ms. Barclay’s return “brings the English department back to full power, making us the mightiest department once again.” Mr. Stegink missed Ms. Barclay’s bright personality and positive attitude, and he is looking forward to catching up over lunch.

Ms. Barclay’s wonderful family enjoying a day out. Photo from Ms. Barclay.

Even though Ms. Barclay was sad to leave the cute baby Clay at home, she was still thrilled to return to the Academy. Ms. Barclay loves teaching, and she missed being with her students and colleagues. “I’m looking forward to helping AP juniors develop their confidence, and I’m also excited about about freshmen,” she stated. It’s been two years since Ms. Barclay taught freshmen, and she can’t wait to start reading Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.

Overall, Rosary faculty and staff was very excited to welcome Ms. Barclay back to Rosary. If you see her in the hallways, be sure to say hi.