Dont Worry. Dont Hurry.

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

“But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at telling others the Good News, and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.” -2 Timothy4:5

Anyone who had to go back to work or school after the holidays can understand the feeling of sluggishness preventing any kind of productiveness. Everyone has a case of the “Week of the Mondays,” a week that feels like consecutive Mondays. It can be very discouraging.

Allison Mitts and Noelle Bermudez have a friendly game of checkers.
Photo by Alicia Ventura

Luckily, on the first Monday back to school, the Royals got to kickstart their semester with various relaxing wellness sessions focusing on clearing each student’s mind. In an interview with the Royal Reporter, physical education teacher Mrs. Simonton, explained that while she and the kinesiology teacher, Ms. Castañeda, were planning Wellness, they tried to include non-school-oriented activities to provide a sense of calm for the whole year. Mrs. Simonton explained how she planned the multiple wellness sessions to provide a chance to “clear your head and get in your own space” in order to be more ready for the new year.

Mr. Stegink and Mrs.Kappe both enjoy wellness just as much as Royals.
Photo by Alicia Ventura

With that in mind, the Royal Reporter decided to find out how these wellness sessions impacted the students of Rosary. They found positive results.

Claire Early shares,”I drew Smurfette,” as she exhibits her paper ever so proudly.
Photo by Alicia Ventura

First, the Royal Reporter visited the puzzles session where they found Royals dispersed in small groups, relaxing together, and having conversations face to face. When asked how she felt about the chance to relax and play puzzles, Allison Mitts ’21 and Noelle Bermudez ’21 agreed, “It’s nice to play a game and not be worried that I’m just wasting time.” Even Mr. Stegink and Mrs. Kappe (both of whom were in charge of the puzzle session) agreed that time to relax should be set aside at least once a week.

Marysol Cazarez, Claire Early, Ellie Hernandez, Isabel Alderete, and Isabella Capps all had a fun time with their quirky friends.
Photo by Alicia Ventura

Afterward, the Royal Reporter found the coloring session where Royals peacefully colored and enjoyed each other’s company. The Royal Reporter noticed there was one group, in particular, that seemed to be overjoyed to be coloring together. Isabella Capps ’21 happily exclaimed, “This is the most fun I’ve had all year.” There was no doubt that there was some serious bonding going on.

In total, there were 12 wellness sessions where students AND teachers were able to forget the looming homework assignments and piles of papers to grade. It was just what students and faculty needed to start the new school year. As Walter Hagen wisely stated in his book, “The Walter Hagen Story,”: “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t worry. Don’t hurry.”