Disney+: Fairest of them all?

Disney+: Fairest of them all?

Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Are you a fan of Netflix, but bored of their selection? Well there’s a solution for that! Here’s the Royal Reporter’s opinion of the newest streaming service, Disney+.

The streaming service was released in early November 2019 to raving reviews. It brings back everyone’s nostalgic memories with classics like Cinderella and Snow White. The original princess movies are on there for everyone to enjoy at any time. “Now that I have Disney+, I don’t have to search through all of my DVDs to watch the Disney classics,” said Royal Reporter Hayley Johnson ‘20

Cinderella on Disney +. Photo by Allison Perea.

You can also binge every Pixar film that brings the warm fuzzies to your heart. Inside Out is one of our favorites, especially when you need a good cry. Riley’s story of family and friendship tugs on everyone’s heart strings. It brings SADNESS, JOY, and everything in between. 

Crying after watching Inside Out alone on a Friday night. Photo by Allison Perea.

If you think daily about how much you miss Hannah Montana or The Suite Life on Deck, then Disney+ is the place for you. All the episodes of Hannah Montana you could ever want are on there, even the Hannah Montana Movie is there for you to enjoy at any time you wish. You will never miss these classic Disney Channel TV shows ever again. “I never watched Hannah Montana as a kid because I thought it was too girly. Then, in 8th grade my friends made me sit through every Hannah Montana episode and every movie that stars Miley Cyrus, so now I love Hannah Montana and binge it all the time,” said Maryann Compton ’20, one of the Royal Reporter’s copy editors. 

Disney Channel’s logo. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

There is so much you can watch on Disney+. You will never get bored. The Royal Reporter gives Disney+ at 10 out of 10. We highly recommend spending the small amount of $6.99 a month for some awesome TV at your fingertips.