Hardworking Seniors


Isabella Tejeda '20 at her job. Photo provided by Isabella Tejeda

Maryann Compton and Isabella Tejeda

‘According to a very intelligent person, “Happiness is your first paycheck.” But you might be wondering, how do I get my first paycheck? Well, the best way to get a paycheck is by getting a job. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the minimum age of employment for non-agricultural work at 14. Because of this, students in high schools everywhere pursue jobs of many sorts. Here at Rosary, we have a handful of students on their way to getting a job, and many others who have already secured a job or have had a summer job. The Royal Reporter decided to go around and ask our special seniors where they work and for how long.

Our first hardworking senior is Mya Hernandez. Mya tells the Royal Reporter that she worked at  a Turkish/ Arabic Bakery called Kofetgi, which is the Turkish name, or Al Sanabel, which is the Arabic name. “I worked there for about 3 months and the food is absolutely delicious,” explained Mya. “My co-workers taught me Arabic terms before I left for my trip to Lebanon, and I still remember it to this day.”

Next up we have Mia Penaloza ‘20. Mia tells us that she works at Pacsun at the Brea Mall. “I have been working at Pacsun for 3 months now,” explains Mia, “and I really love my job. My favorite part would be how many friends I have met at work as well as all the fun jokes that we all have together.”

Mia Penaloza ’20 at her job at Pacsun. Photo by Mia Penaloza











In addition, Theresa Saenz ‘20 works at Abercrombie Kids.  Theresa has a lot to say about what she gets out of the job both emotionally and monetarily: “I’ve been working there for about 4 months. It’s always really fun working because I’ve become really close friends with my coworkers. Shifts go by fast because we always joke around and have fun while working. Regarding my paychecks, I use as little as I can when I go out with friends because I’ve been saving the rest to buy my own car.”

Our next senior had a summer job, and as Nicole Rodriguez ‘20 exclaims, “My favorite part was meeting Devin Brooker!” Nicole worked at Mamba Sports Academy, which is a training facility for youth & adult programs designed for basketball, volleyball, track & more. Nicole tells the Royal Reporter, “My job was to supervise the kids camps that featured NBA guys. Some of the guys that were there were Markelle Fultz, Jordan Clarkson, Anthony Davis, Mario Hezonja, Jrue Holiday, Stanley Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and the love of my life Devin Booker.”

Nicole Rodriguez ’20 and THE Devin Brooker. Photo provided by Nicole Rodriguez












Next up, Genesis Cabral ‘20 works at Trader Joe’s, and has been there for over a year. Genesis tells the Royal Reporter, “Trader Joe’s is a really nice company to work for and I always have fun with my coworkers every shift.”

Moving onto our next few students, they are your very own staff on the Royal Reporter. 

Kate Noden ‘20 works at Baskin Robbins. “I’ve been working there for about 6 months now,” explains Kate, “Unfortunately, I normally blow through my paychecks on food and Spotify.”

Next, Grace Battaglia ‘20 has worked at Brick Market Boutique for about two years. She tells the Royal Reporter, “It’s a fairly easy job, I just handle customers, close/open the store by myself, count cash, and steam/label clothes. I put 50% of my paycheck in my savings and the other 50% I use on food, clothes, gifts, etc.”

Gracie Battaglia ’20 having fun at work. Photo by Gracie Battaglia















Next up, Isabella Tejeda ‘20 has worked at Higher Ground Youth and Family Services for the past three years. She told the Royal Reporter, “I absolutely love my job. I am excited to go every week and work with the kids.”   

And last but not least is the author of this article, Maryann Compton ‘20. I’ve worked at Auntie Anne’s for 8 months. I was technically hired at Hollister and Aeropostale. However currently I work at Park Bench Cafe, and Zumiez, which is a skateboarding-themed store. I love both my jobs, and am always thrilled to work. My coworkers are really chill, and I’ve learned so much from them.

Having a job can be stressful, especially during the school year, but if you ever need help writing your resume or getting ready for an interview, don’t be shy to find these seniors and ask them questions.