Teacher Spotlight: Tri-School’s Own Mr. Marrone


Hayley Johnson, Staff Writer

Mr. Marrone posing with Hayley Johnson ’20 after a performance of Tri-School’s Oklahoma!. Photo by Nicole Johnson.

We all know and love the magnificent shows Tri-School Theatre produces every year, with their brilliant sets, exciting stories, and unforgettable performances, but how much do we really know the person behind it all? Mr. Frankie Marrone, graduate of Servite’s class of 2003, took his position as Tri-School Theatre’s Executive Artistic Director in 2016, after teaching classes and acting as a substitute director, bringing with him a myriad of exciting ideas for the future of Tri-School, and in Mr. Marrone’s words, “brainwashing the future minds of America to love musical theatre as much as I do.”

Being a director was not always what he had in mind for himself, however. Upon graduating from Servite High School, Mr. Marrone headed to Boston Conservatory, where he spent his college years training to earn his Musical Theatre BFA. He then moved to New York, where he spent much of his time working for Broadway.com, earning him special access to preview night performances of countless Broadway shows, and awarding him many interesting stories and fun memories to share with his students, from the wheel of accents he would spin when answering phones at a pool company, to his memorable meetings with Elton John and Dolly Parton.

“When I first moved back to California from New York,” Frankie said, “the teacher who ran the musical theatre program for Yorba Linda High School invited me to choreograph their musical and I LOVED working with students at the high school level and haven’t looked back since.” In fact, upon asking around, it has become clear that one of Mr. Marrone’s most famous quotes is, “I love my job!”

Now Mr. Marrone serves as Tri-School’s fearless leader, full of ideas and hopes for the future of Tri-School and the future of the theatre world. His work in the theatre has transformed the nature and level of performance present at Tri-School, especially in the work he does on understanding of and connection with character. “When I was playing Ado Annie in Oklahoma!,” shared Allison Perea ’20, “Mr. Marrone taught me how to become more connected to her and relate things about my life to hers in order to enhance my performance. Ado Annie is pretty much my polar opposite, so it took a lot of time and dedication on both of our parts to get the performance to a really good place. There’s no way I would’ve been able to do it without him.”

Mr. Marrone at last years Rosary Day ceremony, posing with some Tri-School students. Photo by Nicole Johnson.

Ecstatic about the success of Tri-School’s The Matchmaker that ran just before Thanksgiving break, he looks towards the spring musical with excitement, inviting everyone he can to come and watch. “People should come to see the shows this year,” he shared, “because this is the last year THIS senior class will grace our stage. While I don’t have favorites, the class of 2020 is special because they were my freshmen when I took over the program.”

Mr. Marrone is regarded by his students as an excellent director and an even better friend. Under his care, Tri-School Theatre is sure to thrive.