Finals Study Tips for Studious Royals


Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

Finals week is fast approaching. With finals comes a large amount of stress. Lucky for you, the Royal Reporter is here to help you with study tips so you can ace those finals.

Tip 1: Create your own study guide.

Making your own study guide can go a long way. Not only does a study guide help you have something to study, but one made on your own can help you begin to memorize the material as you make it.

Riley Hawkins ’20 studying off of a homemade study guide. Photo by Grace Battaglia

Tip 2: Ask for help.

On Friday, December 13, there will be office hours during the day. During this time period, be sure to ask any last minute questions in order to help yourself succeed on finals next week.

Tip 3: Go to any review sessions that are offered. 

If teachers are offering their time to help, take it. You might as well spend that lunch period in your math class preparing so you are sure to be ready to take your finals. Teachers want to help you, so appreciate that and go review with them.

Tip 4: Prepare early.

It is never to early to start studying and this week is the perfect time. Start reviewing, studying the study guides, and doing anything else to prepare for exams.

Tip 5: Get enough sleep.

When we get stressed, we often forget to sleep. But it is the most important thing for us to do. Our brains need to recover and rest in order for our success. You cannot pass a final if you fall asleep in the middle of it.

Tip 6: Study with friends.

Studying with friends can be a great way to review everything you have learned throughout the semester. Not only is it fun, but it can actually help you memorize things more easily when you study out loud in a group.

Tip 7: Take Breaks 

Nobody wants to have their brain feeling fried after studying for hours on end. After a while, everything becomes one and nothing makes sense anymore. Be sure to take frequent breaks in order to prevent a mushy brain.

Tip 8: Create a study schedule and follow it. 

Stick to a certain amount of time per subject per day. Stick to this plan and you will be ready for your finals in no time.

Tip 9: Switch between subjects rather than focusing on just one

Following this study schedule, it is crucial to switch between subjects to prevent cramming and mushy brain syndrome.

Tip 10: Color coding 

Highlighters, sticky notes, and colored pens oh my! Used colors to coordinate your notes helps your brain to better remember the information.

A colorful assortment of pens you could purchase from Amazon for color coding. Screenshot by Grace Battaglia

Tip 11: Quiz yourself. 

By utilizing Quizlet, flashcards, and friends, you can make quizzes for yourself to be sure you are prepared for the ultimate test- your final.

The best app for taking quizzes and studying. Photo provided by Wikimedia

Tip 12: Eat healthy.

Brain food is so important in order to keep your brain running smoothly. As good as Canes may sound, try choosing something healthier, like a home cooked meal or a Jamba Juice smoothie. Senior Sofia Sigenfuse stated, “My favorite healthy finals snack is a Chipotle salad. It fills me up without making me feel gross.”


Cramming is the worst possible thing you could do. If you want to fail, cram. But if not, then we suggest never cramming for any exam- especially not finals.

Tip 14: Do not study in your bed

Studying in your bed can make you feel sleepy. You sleep in your bed so it is not wise to try and be productive while laying in the place you sleep. Sit at a table, desk, or even at your nearest Starbucks.

Tip 15: Minimize distractions 

Put your phone aside, turn off the T.V, and focus focus focus. Put anything distracting out of sight. It will only make the studying process more painful.

Remember to take a study break. Photo provided by Twitter

With fifteen tips, we hope you will take our advice. Make a schedule, get enough sleep, and pace yourself. We wish all of our Royals good luck next week on finals, we know you can do it.