I Can’t Believe It’s Not Frosting


Ma’s Chocolate Pudding a.k.a the best pudding in the world. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

When visiting Mother’s Market, you might find young vegans scanning the rows and rows of health food, including Dandelion Kale Salad, Extra Firm Wildwood Organic Tofu, or Hemp Hearts. But among the unappealing health food is a hidden gem: Mother’s Kitchen Ma’s Chocolate Pudding. This chocolate pudding is supposed to be some of the best in the world and has captured the hearts of multiple people on campus. So, the Royal Reporter decided to see if the pudding lived up to our expectations.

Fresh. Organic. Delicious. Mother’s Market. Photo from Mother’s Instagram.

This Royal Reporter  took a trip to Mother’s Market in Santa Ana, CA, where she purchased a small container of the pudding. At first glance, the pudding looked like any other pudding, or in other words, brown goop. But at first bite, the pudding was unlike any other dessert. The pudding was decadent and rich, yet light and not too sweet. The pudding was so good that it was dangerous; this Royal Reporter was tempted to finish the entire container by herself. But after going back and forth, she decided it would be best to save the rest for her friends to try, and this is what they had to say.

Serena Park ’21 was blown away when she tried this pudding. She described it as amazing, delectable, rich, and chocolaty. Her suspicions about the pudding can be seen when she said, “It may be called pudding but it’s actually just straight chocolate frosting.” (Disclaimer- The pudding isn’t actually frosting; it’s just that good.) Like Serena, Junior Amelia Fiorentino also thought the pudding was like chocolate frosting. “The pudding was delicious. It tasted just like chocolate frosting and it was so creamy,” she said.

The delicious Ma’s Chocolate Pudding. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Unlike Serena and Amelia, Caroline Linton ’21 had previously tried the pudding during one of her shifts at Mother’s Market. She, in fact, was the one that introduced the pudding to The Royal Reporter. She described the pudding as heavenly, creamy, luxurious, and inexplicable.  Caroline has worked at Mother’s for around six months, so she has had her fair share of Mother’s treats. The Royal Reporter asked her if the pudding was one of the best things at Mother’s, and she said, “Not one of. It’s THE best thing at Mother’s.” Caroline believes that everyone should go to Mother’s Market and try Ma’s Chocolate Pudding, a.k.a, the best chocolate pudding she’s ever had.

Caroline Linton and her coworkers during a shift at Mother’s Market. Photo by Caroline Linton.

The Royal Reporter also asked some Rosary teachers to try the frosting-like pudding. Like the juniors, Dr. Langdon was surprised at how good the pudding was. “It’s almost like fudge” he said. Ms. Young, having previously tried the pudding, said, “I like it ’cause it tastes like frosting.” Needless to say, these Royal teachers definitely love the pudding.

Even though Ma’s Chocolate Pudding is amazing, it is very nontraditional. Most chocolate puddings have a base of egg yolks, but Mother’s pudding uses tofu, meaning that it’s vegan. So coming full circle, this pudding is perfect those young vegans looking for a healthy alternative to traditional pudding. If you ever have a chance to try Ma’s Chocolate Pudding, the Royal Reporter definitely recommends buying a large size.