Carl: the Man, the Myth, the Legend


Carl Azuz: an inspiration to many of our Rosary Royals. You may know this 30-year-old CNN news anchor from CNN Student News, or CNN 10. Carl frequents classrooms across America, and Rosary is no exception.

“He is the light of my life,” Senior Sophia Lambros exclaimed. “He and his puns give me the courage to go on.” Sophia also relayed that she watches CNN10 every night before she goes to sleep because her day is never complete without her “daily dose of Carl,” as she so lovingly put it. After each informative news segment, Carl never disappoints. He fires pun after pun to his viewers and they have no choice but to love him.

Some AP Gov friends getting ready to watch Carl. Photo by Riley Hawkins

The wise words “Fridays are AWESOME” (coined by none other than Carl) ring true for many of the Royals on campus. When asked what day of the week was their favorite, Junior Molly Farrell, Sophomore Abby Tice, and Freshman Reagan Beuerlein all replied “Friday,” in the spirit of Carl’s claims.

Senior Olivia Pesci confessed, “I was so shocked to find out the Carl is only thirty. I have been a fan since eighth grade, and he’s always looked so old. Maybe because of all his wisdom.” Many people think of Carl as being a 50+ year-old man, but he is, in fact, not. He is 30 years young. Senior Melanie Beltran revealed that she’s always thought of Carl as a distant uncle, for reasoning unknown. “It’s personal. It’s between Carl and me,” stated Melanie.

The Royal Reporter wanted to know just how well-known Carl Azuz is. “Carl? Of course I know Carl,” replied Senior Megan Kendall. “AP Gov is my favorite class because we watch Carl every day, and of course because Mrs. Ward is so amazing. His puns make me happy.” Carl seems to have an extremely present and positive effect on our studious Royals.

Megan Kendall pictured with her bestie Carl. Photo by Riley Hawkins

If you haven’t heard of the notorious news anchor, check out CNN10 online for informative brief ten minute videos of what is happening outside of our Orange County bubble. As one might infer from the positive feedback, Carl does not disappoint, and any and all viewers are left with smiles on their faces after the ten minutes are up. As always, Fridays are awesome.