The Journey of the Guinea Pig


Kate Noden and Grace Battaglia

The Cavia porcellus, better known as the guinea pig, has been a popular pet for years. They come in all shapes and sizes and are very friendly. This week the Royal Reporter dives deep into the investigation of the journey of one special guinea pig.

It all started a few weeks ago, when Senior Nicole Rodriguez celebrated her 18th birthday. She opened her presents one by one and as she was opening her last one, she heard a squeal. She ripped away the decorative paper to reveal, a guinea pig. She excitedly exclaimed, “I had been wanting a guinea pig for so long, when I opened up the box to see her, I completely lost it. I grabbed her and hugged her and even cried a little.”

Nicole with Snickers
Photo by Nicole Rodriquez

Nicole named her new pet Snickers because of its resemblance to the famous candy bar. She played with her everyday and described the pig as loving, squealy, and incredibly jumpy.

However after a few weeks, Nicole’s other animals didn’t seem to like the new addition to the family. Other than Snickers herself, Nicole has many other animals including multiple dogs and cats. Soon they started to dislike the pig and try to eat her.

Paris attacking Snickers
Photo by Nicole Rodriquez

There was one incident that became the final straw for Nicole. Even talking about it brought haunted memories. She shakily stated, “I was cleaning Snickers cage, so I placed her in the bathtub to play while I was in the other room. I then heard a noise I will never forget, the sound of my own cat hissing and screaming. I ran in to see Snickers and my cat going head to head, biting and brawling.”

Nicole knew her home was not safe for Snickers anymore. That is when the author of this article, I, Senior Kate Noden, received a text from Nicole. She asked me to take Snickers from her, due to my past love of hamsters.

Kate Noden and a collage of 4 out the 11 hamsters she has had
Photo by Kate Noden

I received Snickers into my possession and immediately fell in love with her. However, I had to rename her, due to the fact that my snake’s name is Snickers and it was just too much. I am still deciding on names but enjoy the names Snooki and Hamlet. Please leave suggestions in the comments or on the board in room 208.

Kate posing with unnamed pig
Photo by Kate Noden

The journey of the pig is far from over.”Kate came home from practice one night with a guinea pig with no explanation,” Paula Noden, my mother, stated. “I was shocked and agitated because this is NOT the first time this has happened. I do not like the little glorified rodents she has all the time.”

Well the “glorified rodent” is currently staying put, until a permanent home can be found for her, or until my mother caves in.