Fuzzy Socks for the Holiday Season


Cute Christmas socks. Photo by Max Pixel

Isabella Tejeda and Kat Davis

As the holiday season quickly approaches, the chilly winter air rolls on in. Royals have asked, “How am I going to stay warm now?” Royal Reporter’s response: Fuzzy Socks.

Don’t want Jack Frost nipping at your toes? Here are some places to visit and keep the cold away.

Fuzzy socks, fuzzy socks, fuzzy socks! Photo by Hairy Henderson

Bed, Bath and Beyond: 


Bed, Bath & Beyond has fuzzy socks for everyone. These socks have comfy, cute designs, and package deals to save money and put it towards even more socks.



Shoot your shot right on the dot at Target. With prices within your range, you can buy cute, trendy, and animal-style socks. Find your spirit animal in fuzzy sock form. Want some cute Christmas llama socks? Click this link to purchase these adorable (and cheap) keepsakes.



More of the sporty type? Dick’s Sporting Goods has fuzzy socks as well. These socks are known for their soft and sportslike style. Make sure to check these out if you’re in the mood to play and stay warm at the same time.

Find these socks here.

Fun, fuzzy Christmas socks. Photo by Isabella Tejeda

Old Navy:

Old Navy has a multitude of different options: animal socks, trendy socks, extra fuzzy, fine fuzzy, slipper socks, you name it. They also have a huge deal going on right now for $1.97 for fuzzy socks. All great investments to keep your feet warm.

Click here to fill your cart with these amazing deals.


JCPenney is the traditional place to find your fuzzy socks. If you order online, you can go conquer the cold and pick up your socks on the same day. Mix and match them and you got yourself a warm style.

Click here to buy your own pair of these cute and comfy socks.


Find Kohls fuzzy socks inventory here.

Kohls has some advanced fuzzy socks for the season. Selling aloe-infused socks with cute critter designs on them, these socks keep your feet warm and healthy. They also feature many different styles as well. Make sure to check out some of these cute, advanced socks by clicking this link.

Hobby Lobby:


Although Hobby Lobby isn’t where you’d expect to find fuzzy socks, they have a multitude of cheap, various, and cute styles. They have socks with cute animals in santa hats, regular fuzzy socks, and even dinosaur socks. 

Find these adorable socks here.

Super cute Christmas fuzzy socks. Photo by Lisa Paul

We asked some Royals to give the Royal Reporter their thoughts on their own fuzzy socks:

“Some of my favorite socks are my fuzzy corgi socks,” stated Tatum Larson ‘23. “I love them so much because the Corgis are wearing little Santa hats.”

Vanesa Farooq ‘20 said, “I love fuzzy socks. Absolutely adore them. I feel like they represent my soul: fuzzy and warm.”