Students’ Stupendous Shoes


Maryann Compton, Editor

Here at Rosary, students are obliged to wear a uniform, so students get creative on how to spice it up. From nails to socks, students find many ways to make their outfits fashionable, including . . . shoes. Here’s what we like best about them:

Sarah Bradford ’23 with her Air Force 1. Photo by Maryann Compton











Our first student, Sarah Bradford ’23 shows her Nike Air Force 1s and explains, “I call these the VSCO girl shoes. You can see many freshmen wearing these shoes. They’re very basic and comfortable as well as stylish. You can wear them with anything.”

Senior Lara with her sad shoes. Photo by Lara Macatangay











For our next pair of shoes, let us take a moment of silence in remembrance. Senior Lara Macatangay shows her beaten up Vans, and explains, “I got these shoes a while back. I was obsessed with this band called Why Don’t We, and when a fan met one of them, they gave the band member a pair of Vans. I saw them, and customized my own, so they would look exactly like the shoes the band member received. We were matching, and it made me feel special. I tried my absolute hardest to keep them white, however once I got to junior year, I didn’t care anymore, and started wearing them like slippers.”

Mauriz Stoddard flexing her shoes. Photo by Maryann Compton











Our next shoe is the infamous Adidas. “These are my supastar shoes,” Mauriz Stoddard ’20 explains, “I can twinkle in them, and they make me feel like a dancer everywhere I go. They’re very comfy and cute.”

Itzel Perez with her shoes. Photo by Maryann Compton










Next, Itzel Perez ’20 shows her Vans. She explains, “These may look like normal checkerboard Vans, but they’re not. They’re super trippy, but you can’t really tell because they’re dirty. When I originally got them, they were super cool, and kinda made my eyes hurt, but they’re still really cute.”

Mary Nassar with her shoes. Photo by Maryann Compton











Mary Nassar ’22 also showed her Vans and explained, “My vans are unique, and I haven’t seen anyone else wear a similar style before.”

Marysol Cazarez with her cheetah shoes. Photo by Maryann Compton











Lastly, Marysol Cazarez ’21 shows us her Steve Madden cheetah shoes, saying “Cheetah shoes are the way to go.”

To wrap up, everyone has their one pair of shoes that they love and adore. The Royal Reporter has shown you the shoes they thought were cool, and if you have a shoe you believe is fashion forward, comment down below.