Clash of Classes


The seniors grooving to an 80s themed dance. Photo from Rosary’s Instagram.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Ah, Clash of Classes- the sound of girls screaming their heads off to win participation points, or smiling their way through half-memorized dances. But of course, the most important part is winning the title of “Clash of Classes Winner.” This year, after one fierce performance, the seniors came out on top, winning bragging rights and the beloved spirit stick. But before the seniors were crowned queens of Clash of Classes, there were many days of hard work and preparation among the classes of Rosary Academy. The Royal Reporter went ahead and interviewed the students of Rosary to get their opinion on Clash of Classes 2019.

The seniors celebrating their win. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

The first performance of Clash of Classes 2019 was the freshmen dinosaurs. Their performance featured a Jurassic Park themed script, followed by a dance ensemble. Unlike in previous years, the freshmen were surprisingly all in sync and well-put-together. Emma Vasquez ’23 said, “In order to perform like we did, we had practices at lunch to help memorize the dances. At first, I didn’t want to go to the practice, but in the end it paid off because I had so much fun performing.” The freshmen all enjoyed their first Clash of Classes and cannot wait to win next year.

The second performance of Clash of Classes 2019 was the sophomore sharks. Their performance was based on making up after spreading rumors, featuring a very intense yet hilarious fight scene. Elena Navarro ’22 said, “My favorite part of the performance was definitely the fight scene. My friends and I just fooled around and had a lot of fun.” The Royal Reporter was also surprised with the sophomores’ dances; they were so in sync and were close to perfection.

After the sophomores came the junior puffins. Their performance was a series of Disney-themed dances, including Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Shake It Up, and Liv and Maddie. Caroline Linton ’21, one of the brains behind the junior performance, said that the class officers found inspiration from the decade almost ending. “With Disney Plus just being released, we wanted a skit that would commemorate some of the best Disney shows from the 2010 decade,” she said. The juniors were in fact the runner ups, only losing by one point.

The juniors’ game-faces before performing. Photo by Sylvia Cazarez.
The juniors’ game-faces while performing. Photo by Sylvia Cazarez.

Lastly came the senior seals. Their performance summarized all of past decades into small dances, starting from the roarin’ 20’s and ending in 2019. Riley Hawkins ’20 contributed the seniors’ win to the crazy amount of canned food they donated. Riley’s mom, Shannon “The Hawk” Hawkins ’88, donated so many cans that they filled the trunk of her car. But despite the cans, the seniors still had an amazing performance.

The judges of Clash of Classes 2019. Photo from Rosary’s instagram.

The Royal Reporter would like to offer an honorable mention to the faculty and staff of Rosary Academy. Their performance of scenes from different movies was simply the best. Their performance featured Dr. Langdon as Napoleon Dynamite, Mr. Bravo and Ms. Luebke as Grease characters, and much more. The judges thought that the faculty and staff deserved the win, but they unfortunately were not allowed to win.

The crowd goes wild during the faculty and staff performance. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Clash of Classes 2019 was definitely a success. From blow-up dinosaur costumes to a full-on band, the performances had it all. Congratulations to all the classes and faculty and staff for wonderful performances. The Royal Reporter is already looking forward to next year’s Clash.

Dr. Langdon perfectly capturing Napoleon Dynamite’s personality. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.