Go to bed early or drink coffee?


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Are you plagued by constant eyebags? Do you spend your weekends sleeping, but your sleeping schedule is still behind? Good news, you’re not alone. Many of us here at Rosary are so tired that no amount of coffee can fix the bags that are permanently under our eyes.

So many factors play into our lack of sleep. Extracurriculars, zero periods, and loads of homework all force us to go to bed and get up before the sun rises. If you want to participate in a bunch of activities, then why should your need to sleep stop you? Homework will always be a heavy burden and there’s nothing any student can do or say to stop teachers from assigning piles of homework due the next day. Most of these things we can’t change.

Paige Hessiltine’20 and Maria Braatz’20 catch up on sleep during the break. Photo by Allison Perea.

What can the administrators at our schools do to fix the lack of sleep that we’re getting? They can change the start times of school. California Governor, Gavin Newsom, signed a bill mandating that by July 2022 all high schools must start after 8:30 am (excluding extra early periods). This is a much needed, and much appreciated, change to California public schools, but what does this mean for Rosary? 

The Royal Reporter got the inside scoop from Dr. Pautsch and Mr. Basford. Pautsch told us, “My greatest concern, to be honest, is about the activities that students are involved in, because of them starting later. That means that you’re still going to get home later and there’s still the homework and all of that stuff.” Dr. Pautsch sees the value in later start times, but it would be difficult to push the day later because of the league we are in, the Trinity League. We travel farther to go to games and practices and students would still be getting home late. 

7 Naptime. Photo by Allison Perea

Rosary would have to make bell schedule changes to accommodate the newly placed law. While we aren’t state-funded, Rosary would still want to do the right thing and follow Mr. Newsom’s plan. Even though we Rosary students love our early release, we would still need to fit all of the hours needed for a school day. Claire Early ’21 told the Royal Reporter, “I would love to be able to sleep in later, but I also like being able to get out of school at 2:05.” 

Paige Hessiltine ’20 cries over her lack of sleep. Photo by Allison Perea.

For now, all we can do to fix our horrible sleeping habits is to drink lots of coffee and attempt to sleep in on late-start days. Christmas break is coming up and soon we will be able to sleep in until noon. Hang in there, ladies.