Fowl, Neverending Torture

Fowl, Neverending Torture

Whitney Deubler, Staff Writer

No matter if you’re in the middle of a quiz, test, or presentation, the chickens will always find a way to interrupt you, screaming their heads off about one thing or another. The three chickens, do their best to sound like an army and destroy any form of concentration. It’s almost like they are in a contest to see which one of them can be the loudest. 

“They’re loud and annoying. I don’t like them” says Ms. Young, who is in close proximity to the chickens. Since she is in room 203 she is very affected by the chickens since the backyard where they live spans from room 206 through the bathrooms and counseling office, and ends at room 203. 

NOT our chickens, but some chickens. Photo provided by Whitney Deubler

The chickens torture not only the three classes, they can be heard from downstairs, in room 3 or at the lunch tables when it’s quieter. It’s almost like they are following you from class to class, no matter what you have to do or where you have to go the chickens will most likely be screaming. 

The days of silence are nearly nerve wracking, because the chickens will never be quiet, not even in the rain. It can be strange for some of the student body and faculty. “They’ve become a staple of the class, it’s weird if they’re not there” describes Mr. Bevins. He is one of the few people who doesn’t hate the chickens with a passion. When asked about which chicken is his favorite he answered,”The biggest chicken, ’cause that one has to be the queen chicken.”

The chickens are not just annoying things that ruin your concentration, they have good qualities about them as well; they get rid of a lot of the bugs around Rosary, but since there are only three of them they can’t get rid of all of the bugs, meaning that Rosary will not stop having mosquitoes, small spiders and lizards, but without the chickens we would most likely have double the mosquitoes and other little bugs, which harass the students of Rosary and according to some of the students, give deadly diseases.

The chickens have their negatives and their positives, but according to the many students, mostly negatives. But by now they are a staple to the Rosary community and it would be weird without them.

Nonetheless, a lot of Rosary students would love to get rid of the chickens.