Kate Noden and Grace Battaglia

Ah the wonderful winter season is upon us. The temperature has settled from its scorching regular of 90 degrees to a chilly, parka wearing, 60 degrees. However just because we can now wear leggings under our skirts and wear not one, but two jackets, doesn’t mean it is all fun and games.

The drop in temperature can only mean one thing is approaching, sickness.

Representation of every senior at Rosary Academy
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The senior class has already been completely wiped out, with illnesses ranging from chronic stuffy nose to chilling fevers. Senior Julia Oskorus stated, “It seems like every time I go to class, we are missing like 10 people. I don’t even remember what it was like to have a full class, one by one we are dropping like flies. The only reason I am not sick is because I have a very strong immune system, its my best trait.”

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Brianna Campos ’20 has missed a week and a half of school, and counting, due to her awful sickness. Brianna coughed out, “It just started with a sore throat and a simple headache, but within a few days it got much worse. I have felt like actual death and been to the doctors so many times I forget what it is like to breathe on your own. Never take your clear nose for granted.”

A sad girl at Choc on Homecoming day- definitely NOT going to Homecoming anymore. Photo by Grace Battaglia

As the semester slowly comes to an end, it can be crucial to miss even one day of classes.

Senior Hailey Morris has tried with all her might to avoid the sickness and she said, “I hate it. Everyone is sick and germs are playing tag in the air. I tried so hard not to get sick like hand sanitizer, an extra shower, taking vitamins, AND IT DIDN’T WORK.” On top of her horrific cold, over the weekend she touched a loaf of bread, raging her gluten allergy into a spiraling rash on her eyes.

An anonymous source stated, “my quaking intestines make any food consumption feel like a 400 ton boulder going down my esophagus; the taunting aches of my entire body leave me with torturing chills; my clogged nostrils harass my head until my headache torments me; these gruesome symptoms come together to form one extremly ill human; that human is me.”

The seniors are quickly using their 15 absences, and soon will have to come to school, sick or not. It is only a matter of time before the sickness spreads to the grades below. Stay safe, stay clear of the senior quad, and wash your hands to avoid spreading the influenzoo.

A classroom full of sick Royals on a Thursday morning. Photo by Grace Battaglia

One by one we are dropping like flies”

— Julia Oskorus