Seniors Are Sleepy

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

With the early application in the past and the regular deadline fast approaching, most of our seniors have made large strides in their college application endeavors. This reporter wanted to know just how well my fellow seals were fairing, so I took to the tables and asked around.

Question: With the early application deadline over, were you successful in staying on track with your applications?

Senior Megan Kendall: Yes, I applied to all the schools I had planned on applying early to. I even have two acceptances already. I’m officially going to college. Feels good.

Senior Angela Magallon: Most of my applications are due in December and January so I’m still on track but I haven’t submitted anything yet.

Senior Melanie Beltran: I submitted some early and have some acceptances already as well, but I have some more applications to submit in the coming months.


Seniors Maria Braatz and Megan Kendall pictured at Gonzaga University. Photo by Megan Kendall

Q: Is sleep something that is currently at the top of your to-do list?

MK: During the week, I’m always in bed by 10:30, no later than 11:00. I’m really good at going to bed on time, but somehow I’m still always tired. I even had a sleep study done and there was nothing wrong. Weird.

AM: Sleep is at the end of my priorities list right now. Ever since junior year, sleep and I have had an off and on toxic relationship. Actually, I prefer not to talk about it.

MB: I don’t like to stay up late because my birds always wake me up early so I’ve had to adjust to their sleeping schedule. I also have a bunny named Chocolate Chip. He is quiet though.

Senior Kate Noden excited about college, but very tired. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Q: Are you excited to receive all the acceptance letters in the mail?

MK: Absolutely I am. I actually have a really big ego so the countless acceptances really help me keep in touch with myself.

AM: I’m excited too, but it’s sad thinking I’ll have to leave my family and friends so it’s bittersweet, I guess.

MB: You can’t take bunnies to college. I’m sad that I’ll have to leave Chocolate Chip and S’mores, my other bunny. I was really hungry when I named them. But yes I am excited to see where I get in.

Senior Melanie Beltran pictured with her bunny, S’Mores. Photo by Melanie Beltran

Hopefully the rest of our Senior Seals are as excited as these enthusiastic young ladies. Everyone should give Melanie Beltran a hug if they get the chance. She needs it. Her bunnies are her best friends. Even making bunny noises in her general direction will brighten up her day- without a doubt. Anyways, our Seniors are on the path to success. But, a word of caution: even mentioning the words “college” or “major” may cause extreme amounts of panic, fear, and in some cases, crying. Good luck Seniors.

I don’t like to stay up late because my birds always wake me up early . . . I also have a bunny named Chocolate Chip. He is quiet though.”

— Melanie Beltran