A Night With Our Fathers


Allison Perea '20 with her father. Photo by Allison Perea.

Maryann Compton and Isabella Tejeda

On the evening of November 9th, students from Rosary Academy joined their fathers or father figures for the Father-Daughter Dance. The Father Daughter Dance is a beloved tradition, that allows fathers and their daughters to spend a night together having fun and dancing. This year, the dance was held at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, which meant dinner was curated by the hotel.

Starting off with dinner, the fathers got to enjoy beef Wellington with vegetables on the side, and the daughters got to enjoy chicken and mashed potatoes. Following that, the freshman class was invited to have a dance-off against other dads and their daughters. The winner for the freshman dance-off was Justine Avalos ’23. Next up was the sophomores, and the winner was Hannah Hernandez ’22. Following that was the juniors, and the winner was Juliana Le’Vecke ’21. Lastly our senior winner was Savannah Alvarado ’20.

The La’Vecke sisters, and their father. Photo provided by Evelyn La’Vecke










Before the dance, the Royal Reporter asked students what they were looking forward to. Junior Sascha Portero said, “I’ve gone the past two years, and the activity I am most excited for is the dance off as well as the slow dance because it makes the night unforgettable and [strengthens] my relationship with my dad.”

On a different note, Maddy Gomez ’20 expressed, “I was really looking forward to what the food was going to be like because last year the food wasn’t that good.”

“I had a lot of fun with my dad, and felt that I bonded with my dad,” Brennan Kennedy ’22 said after the dance. “It was also fun to see my friends awkwardly dance with their dads.”

“As a freshman, I had no idea what to expect,” Juliet Cortes ’23 stated. “My sister who is a Rosary alumna told me what it was like, but I never thought it would be this fun. My dad and I stayed until 11:45 and we danced the whole night.”

Sarah Bradford ’23 with her father. Photo provided by Sarah Bradford











“I really enjoyed it because I got to bond more with my dad, ” Sarah Bradford ’23 explained, “I am definitely looking forward to next years dance because while my dad and I are always busy and don’t get to sit down and talk often, the dance gave us an opportunity to catch up on things we couldn’t before.”

To conclude, the Father Daughter dance was a bonding experience, as well as a memory that Royals can remember forever. If you missed this year’s dance, there is always next year.