Spooky Season’s Not Over Yet

Hayley Johnson and Whitney Deubler

Despite the official end of spooky season, horror movies are still going to be premiering throughout the year. The Royal Reporter has decided to watch all the trailers for these upcoming horror movies and decide which ones are actually worth watching, so you don’t have to. The films in question are Doctor Sleep, The Grudge, The Turning, Gretel and Hansel, Antlers and The New Mutants. 

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Doctor Sleep

 This particular trailer was confusing. Everything was out of order and much of the trailer was just music. When you add in the confusing setting changes, it is very hard to understand. However, it seems to mainly follow a man and a little girl who are being chased by a woman, Doctor Sleep, who is trying to steal the little girl’s power. To save the little girl the man takes her to the Shining Hotel, a place that he has known since his childhood. While the trailer was very confusing, it is set up in the same order as the movie–meaning the beginning of the trailer foreshadows the beginning of the movie and so forth. So someone watching the trailer does have an idea of how the movie is going to go.  An added on bonus is, the movie is based off of a well-reviewed Stephen King novel with the same title. Still, due to the confusion, we don’t recommend seeing the film. 

Rating: No

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The Grudge

The Grudge is not the first of its kind, there have been other movies with the same idea, plot and a few of the same characters. But from what has been deducted the movie will most likely be the last of its kind. The trailer itself was a bit confusing because of some simply random scary clips that were shown. If someone were to see the movie in theaters it would be in their best interest to watch the other Grudge movies first, so they have a bit of background to the movie before they watch it. On the other hand, it is very possible to watch the new Grudge movie and not have seen the others. This specific movie seems to revolve around one house which harbors a spirit that harms people who step inside of its home. The biggest problem with the movie is that it is not an original concept.  

Rating: No


The Turning

The Turning seems like a very creepy movie, right as the trailer starts. It gives off a different energy than the other trailers, making it stand out from the other movies reviewed because of how simply creepy it seems. The movie revolves around two orphaned children and their nanny. This may not see unusual but because of the way the children act, it becomes terrifying very quickly. It is not explained how the children’s parents die, or why they have always had many different nannies. But there is a section near the end of the trailer in which the children are being taken care of by what is most likely their dead mother. The movie seems to have a very interesting storyline which makes it appealing to the audience.  

Rating: Yes 

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Gretel and Hansel

This terrifying twist on Hansel and Gretel’s classic tale seems to center more around the children’s stay in the old woman’s house than it does on their trek through the woods. Equally, if not more so, a scary — likely cautionary — tale, the trailer uses visuals and sound to thrill the audience. The trailer suggests that the movie will be more suspenseful than downright scary, and it will likely use visuals to frighten audiences, or just gross them out.

Rating: No

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This trailer makes its audience believe they are being taken in quite a few different directions before reaching its final, equally mind-boggling conclusion. The trailer opens with a little boy who is displaying strange tendencies. He gathers food and brings it to something that is living in his house, which we aren’t able to see until the very end of the trailer. At least at first, it is unclear why this boy is living by himself, if he is the central evil character of the film, and what he is feeding. It is revealed, near the end of the trailer, that he is feeding his father, who has somehow become a bloodthirsty monster. The movie itself will presumably center around this monster’s escape from the house, but will that be interesting enough to hold audiences, with what seems to be the biggest plot point in the movie — his relation to the little boy — spoiled in the trailer? We’re betting it will.

Rating: Yes

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The New Mutants

It is not explicitly clear, in this trailer, exactly what the film will be about. It seems that several mutants are being held in some sort of medical facility. At least one of them appears to believe that she is being taken care of by the doctors in this facility, but it is made clear to the audience that this is not the case. We believe this film will center around the themes of manipulation, trust, identity, and — above all — escape. 

Rating: Yes and yes.

The Conjuring 3

The Boy 2

A Quiet Place 2

These final three movies, though they may end up being amazing, will not be featured in this article. Whitney Deubler ‘20, one of the co-authors of this article, found not one, but five fan-made trailers for these films. You can access a few of the recordings of us realizing we weren’t watching real trailers here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10qGExWmUmkHG_mzMp4rzaBuKl-ul0Yjr?usp=sharing

Although this article is comprised solely of our opinions and summaries of the trailers we watched, our hope is that we were able to give out some solid advice, and maybe even help someone decide what they’ll watch on their next horror movie outing.

Hope you enjoy the rest of this spooky season!