Exploring Prayer with Royals’ Moms

Exploring Prayer with Royals' Moms

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

” And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:7

Every year, Rosary Academy’s campus ministry director, Mrs. Kearns ’78, and her retreat planning team host two women’s retreats for mothers and daughters who are open to attending them. The first one for this year landed on November, Saturday the 16th. Many women, including some from Connelly, were able to retreat into the safe haven that was Rosary’s assembly hall for six hours.

Mothers and daughters sharing an intimate prayer with each other.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Although retreating from daily life and its problems seems ideal, many who haven’t experienced a retreat (or with their mothers) might find attending a retreat with their mom a little nerve-wracking or intimidating–nerve-wracking because they don’t know what to expect or intimidating because of the intimacy and vulnerability demanded.

When interviewed by the Royal Reporter, a few Royals admitted they felt anxious about the event. Noelle Bermudez ’21 worried about adoration. “I’ve never been on a retreat with my mom,” she said, “and I don’t know what to expect.” But that didn’t necessarily mean Royals were afraid to put themselves out there. “I’m a little bit nervous because I have never prayed like this with my mom,” Allison Mitts ’21 said, “but I love spending time with my mom.”

Though some daughters were uncertain, many mothers were actually quite excited. Marisela Mitts, mother of Allison Mitts, and Sylvia Cazarez, mother of Marysol Cazarez ’21, both told the Royal Reporter they were looking forward to reflecting and meditating with their daughters. Cazarez, who has attended several retreats, told us, “I am not nervous.”

Noelle Bermudez, Allison Mitts, Maya Hernandez ’20, Jonnie Robles ’21, and Brooke Bowen ’21 hanging out during their lunch break.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

During the retreat, the speakers leading the retreat got mothers and daughters to reflect together about the meanings of the four seasons of our lives: winter, spring, fall, and summer. Speakers Jackie Angel, Mrs. Flati, Michelle Oliver, and Mrs. Kearns, explained the importance of letting God prune “the dead branches of your life,” of practicing death to yourself, and finally, of experiencing rebirth and joy.

Marisela Mitts, Diane Robles, Laura Bowen ’90, Ivone Camacho, and Arcelia Luna enjoying their lunch together.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Finally, it was time for adoration: a chance to speak what was in their hearts to their God and feel at peace with each other. Most of the time, adoration, being the last activity of most retreats, leaves an impactful feeling in the “retreatees.” That seemed to be the case for this retreat as well. Noelle, who had started the day nervous, ended the day at peace, saying, “Adoration made me feel closer to my mom as we sat together and prayed.”