Open House

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

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“One of my favorite things about being an Ambassador,” said Senior Megan Kendall, “is getting to lead tours at Open House.” Rosary’s annual Open House, which occurred this year on Monday, October 28, is a favorite for our Rosary Royals. Getting to connect with the ambassadors and the Rosary community is extremely valuable and a huge deciding factor for many people in their high school choices.

Bird’s-Eye View of Senior Megan Kendall prepping for her tours as an ambassador. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Each department had different showcases in order to help the parents understand what their classes are all about and to get them accustomed to the goals and expectations their daughters would be expected to reach. One of the favorite stops was the Science department in Mrs. Hunt’s room. The display featured the crushing of a soda can by atmospheric pressure, and it wowed its audience of science enthusiasts.

English teacher Ms. Young pictured talking to prospective students. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Outside of the classrooms, the Royals displayed their musical abilities by various orchestra and handbell showcases. An audience favorite was the handbell class performance of the Ghostbusters theme song, much in line with the Halloween spirit the last week of October entails. Senior Sophia Degrassi shared, “I really like performing for the families. I think it gave them insight as to what their daughters could achieve in, in skill and confidence level, if they came to Rosary.” Sophia is a member of our small but mighty handbell squad, consisting of two other students by her side.

Open House is one of Rosary’s most important and crucial points of expose for prospective students and transfer families. This year’s Open House had a high number of attendance, which is great news not only for the class number; but also, for the Rosary community as a whole.