A Day in the Life of Gabriela Mercado, Connelly Junior


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to Connelly? Are you sad that you’re not going to get the chance to experience a day as a Connelly student? Well, here’s your chance. This is an exclusive inside look at the day of Cornelia Connelly student Gabriela Mercado ’21.

6-6:30: Rise and Shine

Gabriela drags herself out of bed to begin her day. “My least favorite part of the day is getting up because I am the type of person who loves to sleep in, and I rarely have time to.” She spends some time petting her cat, and then she begins getting ready for the day. 

6:30-7: Get out the Door

Depending on the day, she leaves her house early or a little later. She usually eats breakfast while driving or at school.

Between 7:10-7:50: Arrive at Connelly

Gabriela arrives at Connelly at 7:10 when she has one of her zero periods. Some days she has journalism where she is one of the copy editors. Others, she is singing as a part of the soprano 1 section of Connelly’s Advanced Women’s Ensemble. On days where she doesn’t have a zero period she arrives at 7:40. If she has to drive her brother, Servite freshman Alec Mercado, to school then she arrives at 7:50.

Gabriela with her brothers, Alec Mercado ’23 and Erik Mercado ’19. Photo by Gabriela Mercado.
Gabriela with the other NHS inductees. Photo by Gabriela Mercado.

8:10-2:40: Learning and Fun

Gabriela then moves on to begin her school day. Some of her classes include AP Spanish, AP US History, AP Calculus AB, AP Lang, and Honors Physics. Connelly is on block schedule, so they go through four periods a day. Her favorite class is either ceramics or physics. “I love ceramics,” she says. “because I’m just able to relax and focus on the piece I’m working on. I also adore physics class because even though I have never been good at science, physics interests me and I even find it fun at times.”

During the day there is a meeting period where clubs have the opportunity to have a meeting. She is a part of the Eco-School club where she participates in activities to keep Connelly an eco-friendly campus. She also participates in ASB and serves as the Junior Class President. Gabriela’s school day is insanely packed. 

Gabriela and her friends studying on Connelly’s lawn. Photo by Gabriela Mercado.

2:40-7:00: After-School Madness

Sometimes, Gabriela stays after school to tutor for National Honors Society–if she doesn’t head to Servite to participate in Tri-School Theatre. She serves as the Connelly Member at Large on Tri-School’s Thespian Board. Sometimes she has board meetings or general member meetings for Thespians. Gabriella started off at Tri-School Theatre as an actor on stage, but recently she has been testing out the technical side. She is currently the Props Crew Head for the fall play, The Matchmaker. If she isn’t there for the shows, then she’s probably there for her conservatory class, Acting III/IV, or Tri-School’s improv team, Comedy Sportz. 

Gabriela performing in Tri-School Theatre production Looking Back/Moving Forward. Photo by MMSportsPhoto.

7:00-7:30: Drive Home

Gabriela likes to spend some time with friends before heading home. Her arrival time varies depending on what’s happening after school that day.

Gabriela with her friends from Servite and Rosary. Photo by Gabriela Mercado.

7:30-10:00: Dinner and Homework

Once Gabriela arrives home, she eats dinner. “Probably pasta,” she told the Royal Reporter. Then, she does homework or talks to friends until it’s time to go to bed. 

Fun with friends at football games. Photo by Gabriela Mercado.

10:30-11:00: Bedtime (on a good day)

She pets her cat one more time before she hops into bed for the night. 


That’s the very jam-packed, exciting day of Gabriela Mercado. When asked what she is going to miss most about her day at Connelly she said, “I’m going to miss the sense of familiarity and comfort I have at my school. I’ll miss lounging in teachers’ rooms and being able to talk to them comfortably. I’ll miss walking around the green campus and bonding with my classmates in the locker rooms. I’ll miss my friends, and possibly most of all, I will miss Connelly’s beautiful traditions.” 

Gabriela with her friends at homecoming. Photo by Gabriela Mercado.

If Gabriela is an example, then it turns out our Connelly sisters’ days aren’t much different from ours here at Rosary. We are excited to welcome some of our sisters on our campus next year, and we are sending all of our love. We think the Koalas and Royals are going to make great friends.