Chicken Fingers Photo by Kate Noden

Kate Noden, Editor in Chief

Months ago when we returned to our beloved abode, Rosary Academy, we noticed something new on campus. A new food service had been installed, and the Royals went wild. Lunches were surrounded by new fresh and hot foods including chicken tenders, french fries, tacos, cheeseburgers, and more.

Today the journalism class of room 208, decided to give full reviews of each item offered.


Maryann Compton with the beef ziti
Photo by Kate Noden

Beef Ziti: 8/10

This is a lunch item that isn’t offered everyday, and is described as having soft, slippery noodles, yet contrasting with chewy bits of ground beef. Journalism teacher Dr. Langdon continued on his description by stating, “Maryann sprinkled it with Tapatio, which gave it a kick. It is a little greasy, but the cheesy texture and savory tomato paste makes it a filling meal.”

Juicy French Toast sticks
Photo by Kate Noden

French Toast: 4/10

These delicious sticks came packaged beautifully, lying side by side and paired with a bucket of syrup. As Sophomore Isabel Alderete took her first bite, she was taken back by the texture. She describes it as “tasting normal, except having a very mushy core within. Each bite tastes like uncooked pancake batter.” Isabel came to the conclusion that it was just one of those foods that fills you up with a few bites.

Photo by Kate Noden

Burrito: 10/10

Amazing, delicious, fulfilling, everything you want wrapped in a tortilla. Many options including bean and cheese, bacon, and even the “California” which includes french fries inside the burrito. Hayley Johnson ’20 stated with a mouthful of deliciousness, “The California Burrito is like a little bundle of joy wrapped up in a beautiful tortilla.”

Chips, chips, and chips
Photo by Kate Noden

BBQ Chips: 7/10

Located right next to the cafeteria lies an array of snacks. There are chips, cookies, ice cream, and more. Senior Grace Battaglia says that Hawaiian BBQ chips (left) are significantly more exquisite than the basic Lays Chips (right).

Chicken Fingers
Photo by Kate Noden

Chicken Fingers: 8.5/10

Ah, a true classic. Its pretty hard to mess up chicken fingers and they certainly did not. The basic lightly crisped outside with a soft chewy inside pairs well with the watered-down ranch. “They were really great, until they made my stomach hurt. Yet everyday I find myself back in line for some more tenders.” – Riley Hawkins ’20

No matter if it is 8 am, 9 am, or 12 pm, items are constantly available hot and ready. Food items circle throughout the week, so head down to the cafeteria and see what they have to order.