Thanksgiving WHO?

Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Are you sad that Halloween is over? Are you already filled with Christmas cheer, and it’s only the beginning of November? You’re forgetting something, Thanksgiving.

The forgotten holiday. The Thursday of the year. The one holiday where we stuff ourselves and practice gratitude. Whatever you call Thanksgiving, it’s the holiday we all pretend doesn’t exist. 

Why do we completely forget about Thanksgiving’s existence?

For starters, it’s right in between two iconic holidays. Halloween is the only day that no matter what your age is, you can wear a silly outfit and not be judged. Also, strangers give you free candy. What could get better than that? Caylee Santos ’20 said, “I enjoy dressing up on Halloween and seeing everyone’s creative side.”

Royals celebrating Halloween with some fun costumes. Photo by Riley Hawkins.

Then, there’s Christmas. What is better than Christmas? Bright decorations, boppin’ music, and best of all, weather below 70 degrees. It’s double-sweatshirt season ladies. Kate Goostrey ’20 likes Christmas because of the cookies: “I like when you wake up and see Santa hasn’t eaten all of them, so you get to eat them.” It is absolutely impossible to be sad during Christmas time.

Kate Goostrey getting into the Christmas spirit. Photo by Kate Goostrey.

Not everyone forgets Thanksgiving though. Senior Megan Kendall will always remember it because it is the anniversary of when she got her first dog. Paige Hessiltine’20 enjoys Thanksgiving because she gets to see family she hasn’t seen in a while: “I get to see my sister on Thanksgiving. It’s nice to see people face to face instead of texting or through social media.” Senior Maddy Gomez’s favorite Thanksgiving memory is waking up early on Thanksgiving and prepping the food for dinner with her family. 

Paige and her sister. Photo by Paige Hessiltine.

While some of us enjoy spooky fun and receiving presents, it’s all about the reason for the season: giving thanks and giving of our abundance. You can help this Thanksgiving season by donating to Rosary’s canned food drive, or maybe donating to a local shelter. Giving thanks for what you have and giving to others in need is the reason for Thanksgiving. Leave a comment and tell the Royal Reporter what you’re thankful for this holiday season.

Grace Battaglia’s family celebrating Thanksgiving. Photo by Grace Battaglia.

If you feel in need for some Thanksgiving spirit, here’s the link to the Thanksgiving song


Happy Holidays!