Spooky Bevins, Real or Myth?

Spooky Bevins, Real or Myth?

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

Every year, freshmen and sophomores are fed stories about Mr. Bevins, the “absolutely terrifying English teacher.” There have been rumors that he has made girls cry and has had shouting episodes that have left classes horribly traumatized. But what is the truth behind these and other stories of the supposed horrifying Mr. Bevins? The Royal Reporter took it upon themselves to investigate these rumors and found that Mr. Bevins was not at all what most people make him out to be.

Mr. Bevins working with Trista Verne ’23.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

To figure out who the persona of Mr. Bevins was in the eyes of those who had not had him as a teacher yet, the Royal Reporter went around asking students what kinds of stories they had heard about Mr. Bevins. Brooke Bowen ’21, a student who had Mr. Bevins her sophomore year, said, “I heard that he’s made girls cry because they’ve forgotten their vocab books.” Another student, Emma Silva ’23, added, “I’ve heard that three girls constantly cried in his class every day for a week.” Sara DelGiudice ’21 mentioned that she had heard a story where “he threw away a pile of essays in the trash and said ‘these are garbage.” What the Royal Reporter gathered from all these interviews and more, is that Bevins enjoys making his students cry for the smallest things like forgetting a book or a vocabulary assignment. The real question though is, are these stories true?

When Emma Silva explained, “He’s crazy strict,” the Royal Reporter realized that in order to figure out the truth about Mr. Bevins, they would have to hear real-life experiences that students had with Mr. Bevins. That is exactly what we did. A senior (who upon requesting anonymity, will remain nameless) shared that, “When my speech project was due, I couldn’t figure out how to upload my video so I explained this to Mr. Bevins. When I told him what was happening, he said, ‘what?’ He continued to ask me questions and make me feel nervous, but in the end, he helped me upload my video and I ended up getting a good grade.” Another testimony the Royal Reporter was able to get, was from Lolani Blas ’21: “One day, while I was in Mr. Bevins’s class and it was just me and another student, I was freaking out and crying because I was stressed and he told me to just cry and that I shouldn’t be mad at my feelings.” Emma Silva also shared a less than comforting experience with the notorious English teacher. “My paper wasn’t printing for some reason, so I showed up to his class late. When I got to his class, he made me dance to ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ in front of the whole class. I was stressed and I was not having a good day. But afterward, we had a good talk. He told me to relax and not stress too much.”

After hearing all these testimonies, it was clear to the Royal Reporter that Mr. Bevins can be a little intense sometimes, but only because he cares about his students. In each of the experiences that were shared with the Royal Reporter, Mr. Bevins helped his students and calmed them down. He helped out the anonymous senior with her video and a good grade, he comforted Lolani, and he told Emma not to stress out too much. Mr. Bevins never purposefully intended to make anyone feel bad. As a matter of fact, he continuously showed his good heart.

Finally, the Royal Reporter saw that it was only fitting that we interview the man himself and see what he had to say about these rumors and why he did what he did. According to Mr. Bevins, Emma Silva dancing to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” was completely her choice. He had given her the options of whether to go get a late slip or dance in front of the class. Emma chose the latter.

Mr. Bevins told the Royal Reporter that the reason why people left his class upset was that “people don’t like being called out for falling short of expectations. However, he explained, “My job is to hold you [students] to high standards and make sure that you’re successful.”

It seems that rumors taken out of context are what tinge Mr. Bevin’s reputation, and paint him as this horrifying teacher. In reality, he cares for each of his students deeply and only wants the best for them. Bevins takes the time out of his day (he comes in at 6:30 in the morning and leaves until he has Waterpolo practice) to read, edit, and help with essays for his students. Not only that, he openly tells his students that he is open to writing college recommendation letters and job references if they need him to.

Mr. Bevins explains, “I think that the people that are most afraid of me are the people that only hear stories about me and don’t actually have me as a teacher.” So, while walking pass Mr. Bevins’ class, do not be afraid to give him a head nod or say hi. He’s actually a nice guy.

Spooky Bevins Myth: DEBUNKED.