The Nails of Rosary Academy


Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Here at Rosary, students are required to follow a strict set of rules when it comes to uniforms. At times, the mundane plaid skirt and polo can dampen a student’s mood. Luckily, students are allowed to express themselves through their shoes, socks, accessories, and of course, nails. From bejeweled acrylics to simple nail polish, Rosary students love it all. Today, nail technicians can pretty much do any designs, so Royals always have a fresh set of acrylics to add some pizzazz to their day. The Royal Reporter decided to showcase a few of the craziest and coolest nails seen on Rosary royals.

One of Bella Reese’s crazy nail designs. Photo by Bella Reese.
Bella Reese’s ’23 Homecoming nails. Photo by Bella Reese.

Bella Reese ’23 is well-known for her long acrylic nails. Bella has tried multiple nail shapes, but her favorite is stiletto. Bella gets her nails done every other week because she feels like acrylics complete her look. “Acrylics make me feel confident,” she said. Her salon of choice is Lavender Nails in Yorba Linda because of its ability to do complicated designs.

Elly Esparza ’21 is another nail fanatic on campus. Elly loves all types of nails, especially stiletto- and almond-shaped acrylics. They’re “like an extra accessory that add[s] spice to an outfit,” she said. “I feel extra confident with acrylics, like a boss lady or a cat.” Elly has tried multiple salons in Orange County, but her favorites are Mani Pedi in Orange, Elite Nail Spa in Villa Park, and Venus Sage in Orange.

Elly’s gold Rosary Day nails. Photo by Elly Esparza ’21.

Senior Maryann Compton is another Rosary Royal that always has a fresh set of acrylics, specifically coffin- or natural-coffin-shaped nails. “My nails are really short and with acrylics make my hands feel prettier,” she said. Maryann also loves nails because she has artistic freedom; she can choose any color or designs she likes. Maryann’s favorite nail salon is Biotone Nails and Spa in Huntington Beach.

Maryann Compton’s artsy Homecoming nails. Photo by Maryann Compton.

Riley Hawkins ’20 is also a nail lover; however, she is not a fan of acrylic nails. Riley prefers to stick to simple nail polish. Riley absolutely loves her current nails. She said, “My green nails match my eyes and my soul . . . because I’m Irish.” Riley painted her own nails for Homecoming because she was too busy killing it on the volleyball court beforehand.

Riley Hawkins and her polished nails. Photo by Maryann Compton.

Overall, nails are essential to a typical Rosary student. Acrylics are perfect for complementing your outfit or adding personality to your uniform. If you see a Rosary student with amazing nails, be sure to compliment them.