The Matchmaker: Making Headway

Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Tri-School Theatre students have been working hard to get their production of Thorton Wilder’s The Matchmaker ready for audiences to see next month. The play follows Dolly Gallagher-Levi, who desires the man she’s supposed to be pairing with another woman. The show is set in 1884, Yonkers, New York. Dolly is a jack of all trades, but her latest venture is as a matchmaker, setting men up with women with the intention of matrimony. 

Anna Dicisi’22 and Adrian Delgado’21 rehearse a scene in the show. Photo by Allison Perea.    

The actors have been spending tireless hours on the Servite stage learning their blocking and lines. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school from 3:30-6:30 you can find the actors on stage or in the Tri-School studio running the show through multiple times. Claire Early ’21 told the Royal Reporter, “It’s hard work, but tons of fun. I really enjoy working with all of my friends and watching everyone grow as performers.” 

Claire Early ’21 and Josh Vanveggel ’20 rehearse their lines for the show. Photo by Allison Perea.

The actors wouldn’t be able to put on a show without the fearless members of the team, the techs. Techies have been working on building the smaller pieces of the set, gathering props, and learning the light and sound boards all to help create the perfect show. The stage managers, Connelly junior Ava Shanklin and Rosary sophomore Maya Castenada, have been at every rehearsal since the beginning of the process. Maya told the Royal Reporter, “Being assistant stage manager is a lot of work, but it’s really rewarding getting to see the entire process from beginning to end.” 

The cast warms up with a game of woosh-bong before rehearsal. Photo by Allison Perea

The Matchmaker is going to be an absolutely amazing show. Get your tickets now before they sell out. 

The show dates are: 

11/21 @7pm

11/[email protected]

11/[email protected]

11/[email protected]

You can purchase your tickets here on the Tri-School Theatre website or call the Tri-School Theatre Office at (714)774-7575 ext 1155.