Royals Made Royalty

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

Rosary junior princess Allison Mitts and her Junior prince Ryan Bass alongside Connelly junior princess Alli Hernandez and senior prince Joseph Albano.                                     Photo By Alicia Ventura

Connelly senior princess, Daisy Ibarra (and her father), and senior prince, Neil Finley alongside Rosary senior princess, Camille Aquino (and her father) and her prince, Ethan Gutierrez.                                              Photo By Alicia Ventura

Homecoming king and queen Riley Hawkins (and her father) and Tristen Wilson alongside Connelly senior princess, Maya Ordoñez (and her father) and senior prince, Jackson Howard.                                               Photo By Alicia Ventura

Connelly senior princess, Chloe Webb (and her father) and senior prince, Justin Ojeda.         Photo By Alicia Ventura

Rosary senior princess, Bernadette Hattouni and her father Mr. Hattouini.                       Photo By Alicia Ventura

One of the many pleasures of starting a new school year is the school’s various homecoming activities, which include football games, pep rallies, school dances and the crowning of a king and queen. Something you may not have known is that Homecoming football games, mostly known for their explosions of school spirit, are also meant to welcome back alumni to their high school and give them a chance to catch up during the game in their own designated alumni area. But this year, for Rosary, Connelly, and Servite, after so many years of announcing homecoming winners at the homecoming dance, their homecoming football game celebrated the coronation of their king and queen at halftime.

Servite’s homecoming football game was on October 24th versus Santa Margarita High School. The 2019 homecoming court included Rosary royals Riley Hawkins ’20, Bernadette Hattouni ’20, Camille Aquino ’20, and Allison Mitts ’21, Connelly koalas Chloe Webb ’20, Daisy Ibarra ’20, Alli Hernandez ’21, and Maya Ordoñez ’20, and Servite friars Neil Finley ’20, Jackson Howard ’20, Tristen Wilson ’20, Justin Ojeda ’20, Joseph Albano ’20, Ethan Gutierrez ’20, David Mitzner ’20 and Ryan Bass ’21. Voting was open to all students beginning October 16th until October 23rd, which gave students plenty of time to vote for their homecoming king and queen. In the end, it was a close race between each of these candidates, but it was also no surprise when senior Riley Hawkins ’20 and Tristen Wilson ’20 were announced as this year’s homecoming king and queen. “I was really confused because when they told us to go onto the field, they just said ‘walk’ and when they announced my name I was confused as to what was going on,” said homecoming queen Riley Hawkins ’20. “It was really cool to win homecoming queen this year.”

Riley Hawkins ’20 is crowned homecoming queen.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Once the Homecoming court was introduced and the king and queen were crowned, the crowd was serenaded by Anna DiCrisi’s ’22 eleven-year-old sister, Sammy DiCrisi, as she sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the movie Wizard of Oz and stunned everyone in the bleachers.

Sammy DiCrisi sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”
Photo By Alicia Ventura

The football game itself was a nice opportunity for Rosary royals to get together with their Connelly sisters and cheer on their Servite brothers. The Royal Reporter was even able to get a picture of Nicolas Ersek ’21, a Servite asylum boy who transcended the theme “white-out” with his white painter’s suit and white fisherman’s hat. His painter’s suit is currently on display in room 208 next to Dr. Langdon’s desk.

Nick Ersek ’21 enjoys the Servite victory with his friends in the Asylum.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

At the end of the night, Servite Highschool played an outstanding game against Santa Margarita, crushing them 21 to 0.

Servite faces Santa Margarita on the field.
Photo By Alicia Ventura