Bravo to Mr. Bravo


Whitney Deubler, Staff Writer

Some students might have noticed that there are some new faces at school. But one new face in the religion department stands out. Mr. Bravo is the only male in the department at the moment. 

He is not a teacher, nor a student. Instead he is doing his practical internship, and learning from the teachers. This means that he has finished college and is now finishing his training to become a teacher. After he finishes his training, he wants to become a religion teacher or a head of campus ministry.

He is not just passionate about his religion, he has many other hobbies, including but not limited to visiting Disneyland, playing music or traveling. 

He has been to many places in the world, “around 15 or 16 countries,” he shares with the Royal Reporter. However, he tells the Royal Reporter that his favorite place is, “[Rome,] I loved when I was in Rome.” Although he has traveled to many places, he still loves his home in California, and like most California natives do, he loves Disneyland.

Mrs. Rosales and Mr. Bravo Photo by Whitney Deubler

“I don’t know if this is a hobby but I really like Disneyland,” he says. He is an annual pass holder. He also enjoys spending his time playing the guitar and according to Mrs. Rosales he, “can sing.” 

Mrs. Rosales has known Mr. Bravo since he was a kid. Bravo thinks of Mrs. Rosales as his mentor. She has helped him in his journey to become a teacher, now teaching beside him in his last steps before teaching on his own (pictured left).

Mr. Bravo is not only a teacher, but he is also a writer. He is a journalist for Descidence Excellence Catholic Media, which is a nationally recognized magazine. He writes with the San Diego branch, and has since he was in college. 

In college he was also very involved in the religious activity on campus, a skill that he carried over from his time in high school. “I went to a public school” he describes, recounting his achievements. One of the biggest ones was starting a Catholic club at school. 

Unlike Rosary, public schools are not religious, so Mr. Bravo started a club where all of the Catholic students could convene and share their faith with each other, taking a leadership role in the school. And what helped him in taking a leadership role was being a star athlete. 

“I was a wrestler . . . and captain” he explains. Although he excelled in wrestling, he also played baseball, football and many other sports. 

Mr. Bravo is a very smart, athletic, driven individual who is going to be an amazing teacher. Sadly, he is only with the Rosary community until December. While he’s here, take some time to get to know him, or to just say hi.