Rosary Day Festivities

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Rosary Day Festivities

Hayley Johnson, Staff Writer

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On Friday, October 4th the Rosary community came together for our annual Rosary Day celebration. Students, staff, family, and friends honored and celebrated our Junior Puffins as they officially embarked on their journey as upperclasswomen. With a beautiful mass, followed by an unforgettable ring ceremony and a fun Disney day, it is safe to say that Rosary Day 2019 was a success.

A few Junior Puffins excited about their big day. Photo by Whitney Deubler ’20.

This was a big day in the lives of everyone in the junior class. “It isn’t just a ring ceremony,” Claire Early ‘21 shared. “It’s a tradition that everyone looks forward to being a part of. It connects us to one another.” Claire invited her good friend and former Rosary sister, Joy Joukhadar ‘19 to present her with her class ring and be there for her on this special day. “It was great to see [Joy] again on the Rosary campus where we became so close,” Claire said, “and to be able to share this important part of my life with her.”

“It’s not just a ring ceremony.””

— Claire Early '21

The juniors weren’t the only ones excited to be a part of the Rosary Day celebration. Sophomore Grace Horeczko shared, “It’s one of my favorite Rosary traditions. The ceremony is always so special, and when else is Disneyland going to be packed with Rosary girls? It’s so fun.” The overwhelming love and support for their junior sisters was abundantly clear this year among the rest of the school, especially in the celebration at Disneyland afterwards. Within this year’s senior class, however, there was also a general air of nostalgia. “This is one of the first lasts we have this year,” shared Maddy Gomez ‘20, “Rosary Day is such a fun, important tradition to all of us, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it these last four years.” Nonetheless, the seniors kept their chins up and enjoyed the celebration of the junior class.

The students, families, faculty, and friends gathered to celebrate the junior class. Photo by Whitney Deubler ’20.

All in all, this year’s Rosary Day celebration was a perfect demonstration of, as Claire put it, “the importance of every single Royal in our forever-expanding family.” Be sure to give lots of love and a big congratulations to your junior sisters this week; maybe you’ll even catch a peek at some of their beautiful new bling.