Shannon “The Hawk” Hawkins: Where Is She Now?


Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

What is Rosary grad Shannon O’Connell Hawkins up to? Ever since she graduated Rosary in 1988, Shannon has gone on to do some great things. She currently works as a Project Manager in Hotel Management at the Best Westerns near Disneyland, truly exemplifying what a Rosary Royal leader should look like in the workforce.

When she attended Rosary, Shannon was involved in just about everything: “From Track and Field to ASB, Shannon was all over the place,” says her high school best friend Anne Hayes ’88, with whom she is still extremely close. That’s the beauty of Rosary. One difference Anne and Shannon both pointed out between their Rosary and our Rosary was that back in their day, they were known as the Royalettes, not the Royals that we are so familiar with. Now, Shannon is known for smelling amazing at all times. “Your mom smells so good Riley,” exclaimed Senior Megan Kendall. Shannon is also known for her extraordinarily creative Christmas cards.

Shannon Hawkins and Riley Hawkins ’20 at the Vatican pictured with Pope Francis definitely in the background, somewhere. Photo by Shannon Hawkins

After attending Rosary, Shannon furthered her education at Marquette University is Wisconsin. Shannon shared, “Although Rosary prepared me in the academic and leadership aspects, nothing quite prepared me for that Wisconsin winter.” She was an English major, which is really good news for me because she’s an astounding editor.

Shannon Hawkins is known for her creative Christmas cards: she is passing on her faith to her beautiful children by dressing them in the style of the Nativity Scene. Photo by Shannon Hawkins

After college, she met her current husband, Jon Hawkins, who just so happens to be a Servite graduate of 1984. Shannon also relayed to the Royal Reporter, “I never thought I’d end up raising my family back Southern California where I grew up, sending my daughters to the same high school I attended.” In my personal experience, Shannon exposed me to Rosary at a very young age. She started taking me to Red and Gold when I was about six years old, and we made it our mother-daughter tradition to go and watch the performances every year. I think that’s where my love for Red and Gold stems from.