Rosary Day’s Fashion

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Rosary Day’s Fashion

Whitney Deubler, Staff Writer

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Last Friday (October 4th) the annual Rosary Day was celebrated, where juniors were honored and received their rings, officially earning their place as upperclasswomen. Hayley Johnson ’20 reported on the day’s festivities (click here to view), while this article focuses more on the fashion of Rosary Day.

Blas and Early Photo by Whitney Deubler

All the dresses were different and unique, ranging from short dresses to long dresses to jumpsuits. There were many trends that the girls ended up following, even if they didn’t mean to, such as in Rosary Day’s past many of the girls opted to wear floral dresses.

Modeling popular shoes Photo by Whitney Deubler

Two of the best examples of floral dresses were worn by Claire Early ’21 and Lolani Blas ’21 (see photo).

Another trend that is new this year, and specific to the junior class is the shoes seen on the left. Worn by Celeste Love ’21 and Valerie Gazra ’21. From research that Royal Reporter has done, these shoes are Steve Madden Bandi Platform Wedge Sandals. Recently these shoes have been popping up in many places in the fashion industry.

The other shoe trend was strappy brown heels, or sandals, also modeled by Claire Early ’21 and Lolani Blas ’21.


Bold accessories Photo by Whitney Deubler

The junior class dresses were unique. No one had the same dress, and every girl chose to accessorize differently. The boldest choice in accessory was jean jackets instead of the usual cardigan. This choice was mostly fueled by dress code and then personal choice and style. Take a look at Yiqing Gao (Kimmy) ’21 (right).


Beautiful dresses Photo By Whitney Deubler

All of these dresses were beautiful, but the two dresses that stood out the most were worn by Kealy Busch ’21, and Jasmine Vodhanel ’21.

Jasmine’s dress was a modern take on a traditional dress, which was described by Madisen Gomez ’20 as “beautiful . . . something that I’ve never seen before.” Jasmine’s dress is pictured to the left.

The second dress that stood out above all the other dresses, although it looks like a normal store bought dress, was the one Kealy Busch designed and created, pictured below.

Kealy has been on the Red and Gold fashion team for 2 years, designing and creating the outfits for Red Choral last year. She helped win accommodations, which are everything to the categories themselves.

Her dress was even mentioned in keynote speaker, Mr. Stegink’s, speech. She has worked incredibly hard on her dress, and it shows (below).

Kealy’s own design Photo by Whitney Deubler

It’s too bad only a few dresses could be discussed and/or pictured here. All the shoes and jackets chosen by the juniors of Rosary were beautiful, and every girl chose a dress perfect for her.