The Best Coffee Shops in all of Orange County


Barista making delicious iced lattes at Brot Coffee. Photo from Brot Coffe's Instagram.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Here at Rosary, we thrive on coffee: students (and sometimes teachers) always have a cup in hand, whether its iced coffee from Philz or a refresher from Starbucks. Luckily, we aren’t the only coffee addicts. Coffee is the third most consumed liquid in the world; roughly 400 billion cups of this delicious, yet addicting beverage are consumed each year. So, the Royal Reporter decided to name a few of the best coffee shops in Orange County to fulfill your caffeine addiction.

Located in Newport Beach, Kit Coffee offers both amazing coffee and delicious breakfast/brunch. Their website states, “Kit is your local neighborhood coffee shop… Rooted in local community, we serve as a place of gathering for our neighbors and visitors.” Kit Coffee’s drink menu ranges from lattes to cold brew, and their food options range from Matcha Crème brûlée toast, to a breakfast burrito. Whether you’re looking for a place to study or a delicious breakfast spot, Kit Coffee is the place to be.

Kit Coffee’s minimalist interior. Photo from Kit Coffee’s Instagram.
Kit’s wide variety of food and drink. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Unlike Kit Coffee’s wide variety of goods, Contra Coffee offers one thing and one thing only: cold brew. Located just outside of the circle in Orange, CA, Contra Coffee offers 15+ flavors of cold brew. They pride themselves in their interesting cold brew names, like Foxy Cleopatra (Thai iced coffee), Minty Mo (peppermint mocha), and Simplicitea (Jasmine Green Tea). Contra Coffee is the perfect coffee shop for iced coffee lovers.

Contra’s Dirty Horchata and That Orange Stuff cold brew. Photo from Contra Coffee’s Instagram.

Brot Coffee, also located in Orange, specializes in coffee and toast. With 13 different types of bread, Brot Coffee offers every type of toast possible, including avocado toast and Nutella banana toast. Their drink menu also has it all: lattes, espresso, and ice blended drinks. Founder Adrian Contreras opened Brot Coffee to “foster relational connections through quality coffee experiences” (Brot Coffee Website). Their industrial chic interior creates the perfect environment for a quick study session or a catch up space for friends.

Brot Coffee’s wide variety of bread. Photo from Brot’s Instagram
A typical Brot Coffee order consisting of toast and coffee. Photo from Brot Coffee’s Instagram.


Located in Downtown Santa Ana, Hopper and Burr is known for its simplicity. Their menu consists of only five drinks (filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and mocha), but they sometimes offer occasional seasonal drinks, like the Mulled Phosphate. Hopper and Burr also offers house made almond milk, a popular milk alternative. Their website states, “We offer classic drinks and a composed menu because we want to show you why we love this drink so much. Simplicity helps us.” Hopper and Burr is perfect for simple coffee drinkers who know exactly what they like.

Four out of the five items on Hopper and Burr’s menu. Photo from Hopper and Burr’s Instagram.
Hopper and Burr’s seasonal drink Mulled Phosphate. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21

Peet’s Coffee is a well-known coffee chain across America, but their coffee never fails to amaze the world: it is absolutely delicious. From autumn-themed lattes to artisan baked goods, Peet’s has it all. The first Peet’s Coffee opened in 1966 in Berkeley, CA, but they now have seven locations in Orange County, including one in Yorba Linda and one in Tustin. Peet’s Coffee credits its success to the workers and employees. Their website states, “For over 50 years, our goal has been to offer the best coffees and teas in the world, without compromise. We’ve learned that one of the secrets to great coffee is the people behind it.” The Royal Reporter believes that Peet’s Coffee is the best coffee chain in America because of its consistency and wide variety of coffee.

Summer Special
Peet’s Coffee’s seasonal drinks. Photo from Peet’s website.
Image result for peet's coffee original store
The original Peet’s Coffee on the corner of Walnut and Pine Street in Berkeley, CA. Photo from Wikipedia.

Orange County has a lot of coffee shops, but Kit Coffee, Contra Coffee, Brot Coffee, Hopper and Burr, and Peet’s Coffee are simply the best. Each coffee shop is unique in its own way, but they all serve great coffee. In case of a caffeine craving, make sure to check out any of these coffee shops.