Troupe #4566 Takes Southern Leadership and Tech


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

This past Saturday, September 28, thirteen Tri-School Theatre students attended Southern California Leadership and Tech Conference. Students from all over Southern California attended the event at Upland High School eager to learn about being leaders and techs in theatre. 

Thespians enjoying the beautiful Upland High School campus. Photo by Claire Early.

Students attending the leadership track went to workshops about a range of topics: being an officer in their troupe’s Thespian board, mindfulness, publicity, and much more. All classes were taught by the California State Thespian Officers, who are the students that represent all of California Thespians. Servite junior Samuel George said, “Mindfulness was my favorite workshop because we meditated and I got the chance to sit and breathe for a second.”

State Thespian Officer Allison Perea ’20 teaching the Psychology of Leadership class. Photo by Juliana Maldonado.

Thespians who attended the leadership classes last year were given the opportunity to go to Advanced Leadership, where they were taught different lessons including goal setting and time management. They were also given time to network with other troupes. Claire Early’21 said, “Advanced Leadership gave me the chance to get new ideas and share some of my own with the other students in attendance.”

Troupe #4566 enjoying In N Out lunch together on the lawn. Photo by Tri-School Theatre

Other Thespians attended the tech track which included classes consisting of light design, wigs, sound design, and a ton more. All tech classes were taught by professionals working in the technical theatre field. 

There were also electives that anyone could attend, also taught by the State Thespian Officers. Those classes include social media, ensemble games, and even how to become a State Thespian Officer. Senior Juliana Maldonado said, “I really enjoyed the social media elective because we made a Tik Tok together.” 

The 2019-2020 State Thespian Officers. Photo by Allison Perea.

It was a jam-packed weekend for Thespian Troupe #4566. After learning all about being a leader they are excited to bring all of their new ideas to this school year. If you are interested in becoming a Thespian, contact junior Claire Early for information on how to become a member of Tri-School Theatre’s Thespian Troupe.