What’s Molly Renze up to?


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Molly Renze, Rosary Academy class of 2018, is a ball of energy on and off stage. In her time at the Academy she participated in many Tri-School Theatre activities including, Comedy Sportz, International Thespian Society, Conservatory classes, and every show since her sophomore year. Molly was a star on the Servite stage, and today she is continuing her acting studies at Cal State Fullerton.

Molly Renze in a Tri-School show sophomore year. Photo by Molly Renze.

Since arriving there, Molly has been involved in everything under the sun. The biggest projects include Antigonik, the upcoming BA Showcase, the upcoming mainstage production of The Moors, and so much more. She has kept her schedule packed with so many activities, we don’t know how she does it. “I like to keep organized,” Molly told the Royal Reporter. “I keep a planner for my rehearsal schedules and homework I have due for my classes.” 

A gorgeous headshot. Photo by Molly Renze.

Not only is Molly participating in artistic events at school, but she is also keeping busy outside of school. This summer, Molly played Duzy in an interactive intergalactic experience called Sockhop on Saturn. If you happened to go to the Brea Mall around July and saw a large white tent, that was the show. Its many audience interactions provided an immersive experience for theatre-goers. 

Molly as Duzy. Photo by Molly Renze.

Molly has also been a player on the Comedy Sportz College Team since the beginning of last year. On select Fridays at 10pm, you can see Molly killing the improv games at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood.  “I have a deep passion for improv,” Molly said, “it’s exciting thinking on your feet.” 

Molly in a Comedy Sportz College Team. Photo by Molly Renze.

It doesn’t stop there. Molly also played an extra in Quentin Tarantino summer hit, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. How does she do it?


This won’t be the last you hear of Molly Renze. Be on the look-out. Soon you will see her name in lights.