Andrea Hester


Grace Battaglia, Editor in Chief

Alumna Andrea Hester graduated in 2017. During her time at Rosary, she made an impact on those around her through her softball career, serving as VP of her senior class, and being a homecoming princess. 

Andrea Hester, Senior Homecoming princess. Photo by Don Hester

Her softball career did not end after high school. She continued her career at Dominican College in New York.

Currently in the beginning of her junior year in college, Andrea states, “It has definitely been challenging so far but I really feel like Rosary prepared me for this.” Andrea is confident that she will do exceptional in her junior year.

Andrea and her best friends in 2017 at graduation. Photo by Pam Hester

As well as tackling her studies, Andrea is balancing friends, school, and softball. She has been playing since she was only five years old. “Sometimes it’s challenging to keep up, but softball is my passion,” she states, “even on days when all I wanna do is quit, I could never give up. So many people have helped me get where I am today.” Andrea is insistent on never letting people down, and she is pretty good at it too. 

But time management is a skill this softball star has been capable of since her freshman year at Rosary. Donald Hester, Andrea’s father, shared, “Andrea somehow always had time for family, friends, school, softball, and herself. This girl is extremely good about her time management.” 

Andrea and her father enjoying their last father-daughter dance. Photo by Jessica Jimenez

Andrea is extremely grateful for her time at Rosary. It was able to prepare her socially and academically. “I felt prepared the second I stepped into college. It was honestly a blessing,” she stated. 

Her best friend at Dominican, Shay Kraft, shares, “Andrea fits in so well at school. She gets along with almost anyone.” Kraft continued to gush about how well Andrea is able to apply herself to her schoolwork.

Shay and Andrea ready for the holidays. Photo by Sam Fitzgerald

This CA girl seems to be doing a great job adjusting to the college life- especially all the way in NY. Andrea misses California, her family, and the beach, but overall she’s happy. “I’ve fallen in love with New York,” she said. “I don’t regret my decision at all.” 

Andrea Hester has continued to make an impact on those around her since she graduated from Rosary. She is truly representing the Royals on the East Coast.