Alumna Spotlight: Tara Campbell


Mayor Tara Campbell. Photo provided by Tara Campbell

Isabella Tejeda and Kat Davis

Tara Campbell, mayor of Yorba Linda and former Rosary alumna, is today’s spotlight feature. Tara was in the graduating class of 2011 and then continued on to attend USC. She is the youngest female mayor in the nation, and is only twenty-five years old. Royal Reporter had the opportunity to catch up with Mayor Tara Campbell and see what she’s been up to since she left Rosary.

Tara Campbell shaking hands with veterans. Photo provided by Tara Campbell

Ever since 2011, Tara Campbell has been hard at work. Royal Reporter decided to dig deep and discover some history on Campbell. Before attending Rosary Academy, Campbell was a part of St. Francis of Assisi’s graduating class of 2007. She was also a part of Girl Scouts, National Charity League, and many more organizations. She was constantly dedicating her time to her community. In school, Tara was a stupendous student. She was constantly working hard, while at the same time, balancing basketball practice. One of Tara’s teachers, Diane D’Alba, told Royal Reporter, “Tara always knew who she was and had her future in mind. She was not swayed by her peers, but instead worked hard to achieve her goals.”

While interviewing Campbell, Royal Reporter asked if Rosary Academy was her first choice for high school. Campbell responded, “My parents did give me a choice of where I wanted to go to school. Because of this, me choosing Rosary was a big deal,” Campbell stated. “I shadowed there and I loved that it seemed like everyone had a ton of fun and got to be themselves. Also, it was small enough that you could really get a lot of opportunities.” 

Interesting enough, Campbell never thought she was going to become mayor. “After leaving Rosary, I wanted to be a sports journalist. But I realized in college that government was affecting every aspect of our lives and a lot of us are unhappy with people governing us,” Campbell told Royal Reporter. “I wanted to see a change in how it was run, and I needed to be that change and dedicate myself to that. So I started helping in my hometown and one thing led to another.” And change did come. Tara has helped her community in many ways. She has worked on many issues such as transportation, healthcare, infrastructure, and public safety. Campbell has also organized many events including Child Safety Fairs, Small Business Boost Seminars, and Senior Health Fairs. Citizens of Yorba Linda are so grateful for such an awesome mayor. “Mayor Campbell has truly made a difference,” states Yorba Linda resident, Victoria Rose. “She has made so many beneficial changes in our city and I am so excited to see what will come.” When Royal Reporter asked Campbell if there was a certain Rosary experience that persuaded her into her career path, Campbell responded, “I majored in broadcast journalism because of my love of playing Rosary basketball and doing sports at Rosary,” she said. “Midway through, I added political science. Learning about the women’s suffrage movement really piqued my interest. The interest of women fighting for the right to vote, and women in elected office piqued my interest in which would resurface in college.” 

Tara Campbell speaking to the people. Photo provided by Tara Campbell

When interviewing Campbell, Royal Reporter could see her love for Rosary. She truly enjoyed all four years here. When asked what her favorite part about Rosary was, “This is so hard because I really loved everything about Rosary. I don’t think there was one thing,” she stated. “The relationships and the friendships of who I went to school with. It was almost more of a bonding experience because you didn’t wear makeup and you came to be yourself and it was encouraged.” Tara continued, “I think it’s something that doesn’t happen on every campus. It’s unique to Rosary and one of my favorite parts of Rosary,” she exclaimed. “I loved my time playing Rosary basketball because it taught me so much about being on a team, leadership, and taking pride in what you do. It taught me a lot of things that I don’t think I would have learned in a classroom.”

Tara has dedicated her life to helping others. She is working day and night to make sure her community, and others around her, are happy. When Royal Reporter asked if there was anything Campbell would like to say to present Royals, “Take every opportunity you have at Rosary. Rosary opens so many doors,” she said. “Because we are a small school, there’s an opportunity to be involved in a lot of leadership roles. Every experience you have will help you in life somewhere down the line, you just don’t know it yet. But God will make it known to you sometime in life.”

Tara Campbell (center) standing with students who participated in her new program, Young Civic Leader Academy. Photo provided by Tara Campbell

Thank you Tara Campbell for the impact you’ve made in the community. Rosary Academy is so proud of you.