The Class of 2023 Elections


The ASB of the freshmen class. Photo from Rosary's Instagram.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again: freshmen election time. This year, there were nine brave freshmen running for the positions of secretary, treasurer, vice president, and president. The Royal Reporter interviewed all of them before the elections took place, and this is what they had to say.

Freshmen Brianna Guzman and Emma Silva both ran for the position of secretary. Emma told the Royal Reporter that she ran for secretary because she enjoys taking notes and wanted a leadership position, so secretary would have been the best fit. Brianna said, “I am running because I really just want to get involved at school and hold a position for our class that helps with the activities to make our time here at Rosary as best as possible.” Both Brianna and Emma had great ideas to improve their freshmen year. Emma would have liked to host more freshmen socials, including spending lunch together by watching a movie or playing fun games. Both of these candidates hoped to strengthen their bonds with their classmates.

Sienna Rose Regalado ’23 and Charlotte Jordan ’23 ran for the position of treasurer. As potential treasurers, these young ladies were expected to handle their class’ money well. Charlotte hoped to win because she loved her time on student council at her old school. Charlotte said, “I want to give back to this amazing school. I plan to use my experience in money management to make purchases I know my classmates will approve of.”

Freshmen Adriana Arroyo, Brynn Beauchamp, and Juliet Cortes all ran for the position of vice president. Each candidate had big dreams for the freshmen class, but the Royal Reporter was unable to reach them for comment before the election.

Kimi Wantanabe ’23 posing with her creative posters. Photo by Emma Vasquez ’23.

Lastly, Kimiko Wantanabe ’23 and Ava Dominguez ’23 ran for the position of president. This highly demanding position requires for a freshman to be attentive and organized. Kimi believed she was best fit for the job because she was class president at her old school, and she has a strong interest in leadership. Kimi hoped to organize more events or small dances with Servite and Connelly, and she would have liked to organize more lunch activities for the dinosaurs. Ava believed that she too was best fit for the job. When asked, Ava said, “I have a passion for being a leader and speaking up for my classmates and making sure all of our voices are heard. I want our class to be known as class of 2023 that made a positive mark on our school.” Both of these candidates had great ideas for the freshmen class, but unfortunately, as with all the elections for office, only one candidate could win each post.

The Royal Reporter would like to congratulate all of the candidates on their hard work and effort. A special congratulations to the winners: Kimi Wantanabe, the freshmen president; Adrianna Arroyo, the freshmen vice president; Emma Silva, the secretary; and Sienna Rose Regalado, the treasurer. We can’t wait to see what you and the other freshmen dinosaurs accomplish.