Spice Up Your Social Media


Photo with high saturation and bright colors. Photo by Allison Perea

Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Are you looking to spice up your Instagram? Do you want some cute new photos? Well it’s your lucky day. The Royal Reporter is here to share with you my top five tips to interesting and exciting photos. You don’t need a fancy camera to get high quality photos. Just grab your phone, some friends, and go on a photo adventure.

1. Walls. Walls. Walls.

Exciting backgrounds are always the way to go. It’s easy to find some interesting walls in any area you go. I found this rainbow drip wall in a random parking lot in Pasadena. A very popular wall is the pink wall in Hollywood. You don’t need to travel far to find a wall for the background of your pictures. It could even be the back of your house.

Rainbow Drip Wall. Photo by Allison Perea.

2. Trendy Food

Go on an adventure with your friends, try a new food place, and take cute pictures. Urth Cafe is one of my favorite places to go take some trendy pics. Also, the green tea boba is amazing. If your mom makes amazing food, take a picture with it. It’s simple to find some fun foods for some fun pictures.

Photo with green tea boba from Urth Cafe. Photo by Allison Perea.

3. Fun Editing

I love adding glitter drawings and stars to the backgrounds of exciting photos. It can take any photo from a 2 to a 10. It’s really easy to do too. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube to help you out.

Editing with PicsArt. Photo by Allison Perea.

4. VSCO is your friend

C1. HB1. P5. All amazing filters that you can use to create the perfect photos. You can use the app to edit photos to your style. I like making my photo’s bright and turning up the saturation to make the colors pop.

Editing the saturation on VSCO. Photo by Allison Perea.

5. Be yourself.

The best way to make the perfect Instagram is to take picture of things you love. Instagram is the perfect place to show off your unique style. The greatest photos are one’s that you love.

Photo with bright lighting bolts and coffee. Photo by Allison Perea.

We hope you learned some new photo tips. Now go out there and take some beautiful pictures.