The Best of New York Fashion Week 2019


Marc Jacobs Spring 2020. Photo from New York Times.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Twins taking over the runway, shows staged in a farmer’s market, and Rihanna’s legendary performance at the Savage x Fenty Show are just a few of the crazy moments from this year’s New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2019 premiered the 2020 Spring lines of fashion designers from across the world. NYFW featured over 100 designers, including Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, and offered 80-plus shows. These large amounts of shows and designers meant a jammed packed, yet exciting five days for fashion connoisseurs. To sum up these crazy five days, the Royal Reporter picked a few of the best moments from New York Fashion Week 2019.

  • Gabriela Hearst

Gabriela Hearst is an Uruguayan designer, known for her ready-to-wear clothing items and accessories. This year, Hearst put on the first ever carbon neutral show, meaning that she tried to minimize energy usage and waste. According to Elle Magazine, Hearst worked with EcoAct, a climate change advisory, to balance her carbon footprint. The money she saved from reducing her carbon usage will be donated to Hifadhi Livelihoods Project in Kenya. To embody her donation, her 2020 clothing line featured simple, yet colorful nature-themed pieces.

Four of Hearst’s amazing pieces. Photo from Elle Magazine.
One of Hearst’s simple, yet intricate designs. Photo from Elle Magazine.
  • Marc Jacobs

This year, Marc Jacobs closed NYFW with a bang: avant-garde dresses, smiling models, and beautiful designs. The 59 looks featured bold suits, floral themed everything, and large hats. Harper’s Bazaar, an online fashion website, included show notes that stated the show was “‘a celebration of life, joy, equality, individuality, optimism, happiness, indulgence, dreams…'” Marc Jacobs also wanted to acknowledge past fashion trends and icons. He told New York Times that his collection was “a riposte to the ‘computer or the cloud or the transient archives of the internet'” (The New York Times Style Magazine).

One of Marc Jacobs’ avant-garde dresses. Photo from New York Times.
A Marc Jacobs piece with a floral-theme and a hat. Photo from Vogue.
  • Dion Lee

Unlike his colleagues, Dion Lee found inspiration in a clean slate. His precise lines and monochrome pieces led to his complicated, yet minimalist looks. According to Vogue, many people applauded Lee for his ability to take something as simple as a pantsuit and make it into a striking and modern creation.

One of Lee’s simple, yet intricate designs. Photo from Vogue.
One of Lee’s modern designs. Photo from Vogue.
  • Brock Collection

This year, the Brock Collection took inspiration from the Victorian Era, a time full of bows, frills, and femininity. Despite the Victorian theme, the Brock Collection surprisingly featured jeans, as well as large silk jackets and pussy-bow dresses. Vogue states, “…straight-leg jeans were styled with intricately embroidered tops and voluminous silk jackets, a mix that captured the ‘raw and romantic, but not too precious’ balance the designers established years ago.” Overall, many critics praised the 2020 Spring Brock Collection for the amazing jeans and jackets.

The Brock Collection’s fancy bows and jackets. Photo from Vogue.
The Brock Collection’s jeans and jackets. Photo from Vogue.

The New York Fashion 2019 spring shows by Gabriela Hearst, Marc Jacobs, Dion Lee, and the Brock Collection were all fantastic shows, featuring original and creative looks.  Fashion connoisseurs cannot wait to see what these designers do next.