Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer


The sophomore cheerleaders lead their fellow shark classmates in a chant.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Lauren Woolley ’21 wins one of the pep-rally games.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

It was that time of the year again when the spirit stick was up for grabs and every sophomore, junior and senior was ready to begin their year by winning it. (The freshmen had yet to experience the spirit-stick craze.)

Katryn Goggins ’21 and Lauren Woolley ’21 lead the Junior Class to Spirit Victory.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

The spirit stick contest aside, the 2019-2020 fall season for sports had begun, so on September 18th, Rosary’s student body got together to pump up the tennis, cross country, volleyball, and golf teams.

Leading the rally, Brooke Edwards ’21 and Molly Farrell ’21 introduced the four fall sports and had outgoing royals participate in competitive games that had everyone screaming their lungs out in support for their fellow class competitors (and at the same time, scoring some points to win the spirit stick). But before the event began, Brooke and Molly spoke to the Royal Reporter and both agreed that they enjoyed coming up with the theme, jokes and funky sports wear for the rally; as best friends, the spirit officers had lots of fun coming up with ideas to pump up the student body with spirit.

Molly Farrell ’21 and Brooke Edwards ’21 spirit-fully lead the Fall Sports Rally.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

But the real stars of the show were the sports teams that have been working very hard to dominate on the court and field. For the rally, each team captain had to produce a video that introduced their team and coaches in a unique way and somehow captured the funkiness and spunk that their team possessed. Varsity tennis player, Brooke Bowen ’21 and cross country varsity captain, Noelle Bermudez ’21, who both composed their team’s sports video, told the Royal Reporter that they enjoyed looking back at the memories they and their teams had made and reflecting on the hard work they had all put in that season.

The Cheerleaders pump up the student body with their cheer dance.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Dance joins in and continues the spirit in the gym to increase.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Finally, after the rally, the Royal Reporter got to get the perspectives of onlookers who observed the sports rally from the safety of their chairs, away from the bleachers and the deafening determined screams of each royal (although it didn’t help much). Dr. Langdon, who had never seen a Rosary-inspired rally told the Royal Reporter, “It was…fun to see students that are normally quiet in my class get crazy loud and pump up the crowd. Shout out to Riley Hawkins [’20].” Due to the excitement beforehand, Dr. Langdon’s junior class got him to wear a shirt and puffin (the junior class mascot) spirited drawings to get him into the rallying spirit. In the end, the juniors won the spirit stick for the first time this year. Mr. Stegink (the junior class moderator) proudly stated, “I know they [the juniors] brought it all out on the court today. They showed Rosary how spirit works.” He knows that the bar is very high for everyone else in the next rally, but, he challenges the other classes to take the stick away from him. Mr. Stegink challenged everyone by saying, “Good luck in doing so.”

Dr. Langdon shows spirit at his very first spirit rally.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Mr. Stegink waves the spirit stick in victory.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

As Mr. Stegink said, the bar has been raised high for the next rally. After this very successful rally, the whole student body, as well as the faculty and staff, await for the homecoming rally to see who out-spirits the rest of the classes at that time.

Bernadette Hattouni ’20 quiets her class with her sign.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Important Dates to Remember:

Cross Country: Next race is on Friday, Sept. 19th at the Silver Lakes Complex- 9:30 pm

Tennis: Next home match is on Tuesday, Oct. 1st vs. JSerra- 2;30 pm

Volleyball: Next home game is on Tuesday, Sept. 24th vs. JSerra- 6 pm

Golf: Next home game is on Tuesday, Oct.8th vs. Santa Margarita- 3pm

Come out and support!