Rings, Dresses, and Flowers OH MY!


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

There is a growing excitement among the junior class as it prepares for October 4th, Rosary Day. Rings have been ordered, dresses checked, and alumnae invited, all to celebrate our junior sisters becoming upperclasswomen.

Rosary Day is our beloved tradition where we hold mass on the lawn to celebrate the feast day of our patroness, Our Lady of the Rosary. It celebrates heritage, tradition, and our sense of community.

Two Royal sisters hugging on Rosary Day 2018. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold.

Behind the scenes, lots of planning is done by the junior class officers. Senior Camillie Aquino gave them some advice: “Be on top of it. Communicate with your committee to get things done.” The juniors are doing just that, putting in hard work to make the day special. Class secretary, Caroline Linton ’21, told the Royal Reporter, “I feel so privileged that I have the opportunity to help prepare this beautiful ceremony.”

Rosary juniors talk about Rosary Day at lunch. Photo by Allison Perea.

Rosary Day means so much to the Rosary community. It celebrates our sisterhood and connects current Rosary students with those who walked these halls long before us. All of the hard work and preparation will surely pay off when juniors walk onstage and get their new shiny rings.

Class of 2019 celebrate their Rosary Day in 2017 at Disneyland. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold.