Spicin’ Up Yorba Linda


Kat Davis '20 and Isabella Tejeda '20 pose with their ice cream from Creamistry. Photo by Analisa Salvado.

Isabella Tejeda and Kat Davis

Sometimes hanging with friends at the same place over and over again can become very boring. How many times have you and your friends met up at the same event space, shopped within the same stores, and eaten the same food? Royal Reporter searched high and low for a new, fun, and close location for teens to go and have a good time.

A new addition to the great city of Yorba Linda is the new Yorba Linda Town Center off of Yorba Linda Boulevard and La Palma. From trendy food shops, such as Creamistry and Blaze Pizza, to finding inner peace and good health with Yoga Six and Club Pilates, this new center offers a new source of entertainment for people of all ages. Other forms of entertainment include Regal Cinemas, Bristol Farms, and an outdoor BBQ picnic area. The town center also features places for professional photos such as a beautiful fountain, an aesthetic sitting area with flowers, and a cute picnic area with hanging lights. 

Bristol Farms shoppers become mesmerized by the multitudes of drinks waiting to be bought. Photo by Kat Davis

Bristol Farms is the main store featured in the town center. Within the store, you can find rows of organic, healthy, and exotic brands. Simply looking around the store is mesmerizing, as all the shelves are relatively full, organized, and for some, color coded. Bristol Farms is known for its famous cookie, entitled “The Cookie.” Not only is it enormous in size, but it’s warm, gooey, and super tasty.

Customers wait in line to have a taste of the famous cookie in Bristol Farms. Photo by Kat Davis

While walking around the Town Center, Royal Reporter ran into Esperanza High School junior, Analisa Salvado. “I really love the new Town Center,” she said. “Growing up in Yorba Linda, we never had malls or major shopping areas, so having this new place to hang with friends is great. I love trying the new food, taking cute pics, and exploring all the different types of food and drinks at Bristol Farms.”

“The new Town Center is a great addition to Yorba Linda,” states local mom, Kylie Eggers. “Everything you need is in this one center. I love spending my mornings doing yoga, heading to the store to buy the daily essentials, and then running to Peet’s coffee to get my daily dose of caffeine.” 

If you’re looking for a new place to hang out with friends, or simply a nice area to sit down and chat, the new Yorba Linda Town Center is the place to be.