Freshman Spotlight: Sarah Bradford


Our favorite freshman Sarah Bradford '23. Photo by: Sarah Bradford

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

Do you know anyone who is ambidextrous, or maybe has a hatred for seafood? If not, now you can: Sarah Bradford ’23.

Sarah comes to us from St. Irenaeus. “I am so excited to be at Rosary,” she says, “because when I shadowed a student at Rosary, she gave me the best time, and showed me all the amazing aspects of this high school.”

The student that Sarah shadowed is actually the author of this article, Maryann Compton ’20. During my freshman year, I was lucky enough to have a senior friend, and it was the coolest experience. For my senior year, I hoped I could give this experience to someone else. When I met Sarah, it was mainly to show her around campus, so she could get a feel for the school. However, in return I got to meet my future, favorite freshman.

Royal Reporter Maryann Compton ’20 and Sarah Bradford ’23 together. Photo by Mauriz Stoddard ’20

Sarah has enjoyed the experience too. “It is cool to have a senior friend,” she says. “[Maryann]’s always there for me, and I know if I ever need anything, I can come to her.” Thanks!

If you do not know Sarah, she is very outgoing with a witty personality. She enjoys swimming, singing and going out with friends. When she has alone time, she enjoys reading and writing, which she believes, “is really weird because nowadays, most teenagers like to watch Netflix or go on their phone.”

But there is one thing she dislikes: seafood, which she says she hates “with a literal passion.” “I tried fish once,” she says, “and absolutely hated it. From then on, I stopped eating seafood.”

Luckily, that hasn’t kept her from enjoying some beautiful beaches.

Sarah with her friends. Photo provided by Sarah Bradford

A couple vacation spots that Sarah has been to include Cabo San Lucas, and Mazatlan. She says, “Both these places are so beautiful, and I am so thankful to have been able to visit.”

Sarah and her friend on vacation. Photo provided by Sarah Bradford

Here at her new “home,” Rosary, Sarah wants to get closer to her old friends and make more memories, all while keeping As in her classes.

Sarah is a very outgoing person and looks forward to meeting new people here. While keeping a cool, calm, beachy vibe, she can also be the life of the party.

Let us all give a warm Rosary welcome to Sarah Bradford.