Queen of the Court


Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

7:00 a.m. on the dot: “Glam, let’s get glam…,” pulls senior Sophia Lambros ’20 out of a deep slumber. Her favorite song, “Glam,” is the only thing that wakes her up in the morning- that or the enticing smell of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. She reluctantly gets out of bed and begins her morning routine in preparation for another day of being a D1-bound athlete. Sophia verbally committed to Boston College her sophomore year to be a setter for the Eagles. The Royal Reporter has asked Sophia for an inside exposé on a day in the life of an extreme athlete.

Sophia “The Beast” Lambros ’20 goes for the kill. Photo by Mr. Ruffier 

The sound of the bell at the end of the school day doesn’t mean the same thing for Sophia as the rest of the girls who attend Rosary. For Lambros, it just means the second half of her day is starting. She heads straight to the gym for a two-hour practice, and then either physical training or private setting lessons following her practice. “I don’t get home until pretty late at night,” states Lambros, “then I start my homework and work until maybe one or two in the morning, it varies.” As you can see, Sophia puts an equal amount of effort into every aspect of her life.

Sophia Lambros ’20 in her Eagle’s Nest. Photo courtesy of the Rosary Academy Instagram

When asked if her routine is consistent, Sophia aggressively answered: “No. On game day, everything changes.” Game day for Sophia means an intense hour of meditation the night before, strictly protein shakes for her meals the next day, and music to get her into the right mindset. “The one thing that really gets me going is Polish Polka music. I don’t know why, but it just gets my blood going like nothing else,” Sophia explained to the Royal Reporter. Once she hears that tuba start to sing its sweet song, it’s game over for the other team.

Sophia Lambros ’20 setting up a kill. Photo by Mr. Ruffier

Once the school volleyball season has ended, her club season starts. Sophia plays for A4 Volley, and sports the number 15 because her mom”played with the number 15,” so it’s special to her. Sophia’s mom also played D1 volleyball, and assisted Sophia in getting her footing in the competitive world that is volleyball. After all the hours of work Sophia has put in to her sport, Sophia conveyed this message to the Royal Reporter: “In the end, it was all worth it because now I get to achieve my goal of playing volleyball in college.” You can catch Sophia running the court at the Rosary volleyball games – or before the battle prepping with her unrequited polka passion.