Forever Not 21

Kate Noden, Editor in Chief

It is always a heart-wrenching day when you find out one of your beloved fashion stores is going out of business. Sadly, today could be the day we lose some of our favorite Forever 21 stores.

Seniors Heartbroken over the only store they can afford
Photo by Kate Noden

The Los Angeles Times has reported that after 35 years of clothes, accessories, and shoes, the affordable and stylish business is filing for bankruptcy. According to LA Times sources, the company plans to close 100 of its over 800 stores.

From starting out as a small store on the corner in LA, Forever 21 formed into a worldwide sensation. Forever 21 was the go-to for dance accessories, Halloween costumes, or a cheap last-minute outfit.

So why is Forever 21 struggling? Simply put, it is bankrupt. With over 500 million dollars in debt,  Forever 21 was unable to construct a deal to pay it off. On top of that, pop star Ariana Grande is suing the company for 10 million dollars for hiring a look-alike model to sell its campaign.

Pop Star Suing Queen
Photo provided by David Shakbone

Truly a forever tragedy.

The employees are not allowed to disclose any information, yet an anonymous employee stated, “I hope we do not go bankrupt.”

However this could be a blessing in disguise, because when a business shuts down that can only mean one thing. Sales, sales, and more sales.

Forever 21 Deals.
Photo Provided by Forever 21 app

On Forever 21’s site deals range from 30% to 50% off, including a warehouse sale with items ranging from $1 to $9. Everything must go.

So, need a new outfit for Homecoming? Or want to get a head start on a Halloween costume? Head over to Forever 21 and buy while supplies last.