The Best Desserts in All of Orange County


Eiswelt Gelato's famous animal shaped gelato. Photo from Eiswelt Gelato Instagram.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Orange County is a wonderful place full of beaches and amusement parks, but most of all, food. Foodies are flocking in left and right to get a taste of Orange County’s diversity and culture. From cheeto-dust covered corn-on-the-cob to a boba ATM, Orange County has it all. But one of OC’s specialties is dessert. Orange County offers a wide variety of desserts, including animal-shaped gelato and churros the size of your head. Orange County has so many dessert spots to choose from, so here are a few of the best.

Hidden in the heart of Westminster, Eiswelt Gelato is one of the best and most unique gelato places in Orange County. In order to appeal to the Instagram foodies of this generation, Eiswelt Gelato shapes its gelato into animals, like pigs, bears, or dogs, of the customer’s choosing. According to Eiswelt Gelato’s website, all of the animals are handcrafted by their employees each time a customer orders. Their flavors range from Jasmine milk tea to Ferrero Rocher. Eiswelt Gelato also offers dairy-free sorbetto and drinks, including strawberry sorbetto and Thai iced tea.

Dough and Arrow’s wide variety of cookies. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Dough and Arrow is a cookie and coffee shop in Costa Mesa. Dough and Arrow is well known for its crazy cookies, including the Crème Brûlée Cookie and the Smookie. Owners Gigi Pascual and Jennifer Green wanted their store to be based on their love for American classics, such as the classic chocolate chip cookie. Their website states, “Gigi will transport you down memory lane with nouveau cookies and pastries. Her meticulous process and high quality ingredients will delight anyone’s sweet tooth.” The Royal Reporter definitely recommends visiting Dough and Arrow for a delicious cookie.

Somi Somi Soft Serve and Taiyaki is truly one of the coolest dessert places in Orange County, offering an interesting take on soft-serve ice cream. Somi Somi serves its soft-serve in taiyaki, a Korean and Japanese fish-shaped pastry. First, employees bake the pastry, and then fill it with either red bean, custard, taro, or nutella. Then, customers choose their soft-serve flavor. Somi Somi’s soft-serve flavors include matcha, milk, black sesame, strawberry, and much more. Somi Somi has two locations in OC, one in Irvine and one in Garden Grove.

Somi Somi’s taiyaki and soft-serve. Photo from Somi Somi’s instagram.

Fill Bakeshop and Creamery, based on Hawaiian classics, is another amazing dessert spot in OC. Fill sells freshly-baked mochi donuts and small-batch ice cream. Unlike regular donuts, mochi donuts are known for their density and chewiness. Fill’s donut flavors include Strawberry Shortcake and Lilkoi Cacao Coconut. And of course, the ice cream is just as good as the donuts. Fill’s ice cream flavors are Hawaiian classics, like Royal Kona Coffee and Brown Butter Roasted Pineapple. Because of Fill’s amazing flavors, they tend to sell out on donuts very quickly, so make sure to buy one while you can.

Fill’s delicious ice cream. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.
Fill’s mochi donuts, all six flavors. Photo from Fill’s instagram.

Overall, OC’s wide variety of desserts is one of the few things that make it special. OC desserts range from Korean to Hawaiian treats, making Orange County one of the best foodie spots. If you ever have a sweet tooth, Orange County has got you covered.